Nials little sister


4. love???

Nialls pov

"I think I love ur sister Niall " " what no u don't Harry u are 19 she is only 14 years old" "you just found out that she was 14 today Niall " " WHAT EVER I NO U DONT LOVE HER U JIST MEET HER " " U PRACTICALLY JUST MEET HER TO , YOU NOTHING ABOUT HER . " " I know u are to old for her end of story" " well NIALL it is not up to u"

Ella's pov

" what do u mean u think u like him , u just met him ,ur 14, you haven't meet any of the other boys . How do u no u won't like them ." " you no what lily ,I thought u would help me. Not make me feel worse." " wait Ella I'm so-" " don't u dare day that ur sorry I am sick of hearing that . People never mean it" that is when I stared crying." I am so sick of crying" " then why are u crying love" I turned around and saw zany Malik . " OMG aren't u zayn Malik my brothers band mate?" " yea I am" " o we'll nice to meet u it is kinda embracing that u had to meet me when I look like this." " I think u look gorgeous " is the zayn Malik hitting on me ???

Zany's pov

Ella is gorgeous ,i think I am ganna ask her out.

Harry's pov

I am ganna ask Ella out I really do love her even though I just meet her.

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