Nials little sister


5. Harry or zayn

Harry's pov

Ella just walked trough the door. I have to man up and tell her how I feel. "Ella-" I was just ganna tell her when zayn walked in the house and he said"Harry can u leave so I can talk to Ella " "no I can not zayn I need to talk to her first " " fine then HARRY I will just tell her right in front of u"

Ella's pov

What the hell is going on

Zayn pov

"Ella I love you." "What do you mean you love me zayn?" "Ella he is lying to you he does not love you he love your face that's it . If you really want love come with me and I will show you love"."Harry you love me to ."

Ella's pov

"Yea Ella I Harry no sorry Harold Edward styels love you with all my heart" right after Harry said that zayn jumped in front if him a bad started kissing me. I felt his soft Lips brush against mine. So I was surprised when he asked for a entrance.i refused and ran up to my room

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