Nials little sister


3. do I have a new crush

Ella's pov

I have been crying for ten minuets non stop when I heard a knock at the door. " who is it " " Harry" " go away Harry" that's when Harry walked in the room . " Ella's let's talk please" " no" "why Ella " " u called me a brat I heard u " " oh yea ,I didn't mean-" " did me brother miss me?" " of course the first day we left he cried himself to sleep" " really" "yea, he down stairs crying his eyeballs out" "thnx Harry " "ur welcome"

Nialls pov

A heard some one coming down the stairs so I whipped me eyes and looked to see who it was.when I looked up it was Ella . "Ella I am so sorry I understand if u hate me though" " why would I hate u r my brother Niall I love u. That's when she came running to me and gave me a huge hug and a kiss in the check . I chuckled a bit , what it was funny and sweet.

(Next morning )

Ella's pov

Ring ring ring ring

"Ugh another day in the most miserable place on earth ,school. I got up and put on my shorts with a obey hoodie and some white vans. I put my hair up in a messy bun.i feel very lazy today lol. "NIALL" " what Ella " "come here please" "on my way" once Niall opened the door to my room I asked him if he missed when he was on tour."of course I did Ella ,come here" that's when he have me a huge hug ."also can u take me to school" " of course love"

Nialls pov

I drove her up to pico elementary school. " what are we doing here Niall." "I am drooping u off at school" " how old do u think I am Niall" I told that she was 12. "NIALL I KNEW U DID NOT CARE ABOUT ME" "why would say something like that Ella " " I AM 14 YEARS OLD BUT OF COURSE U WOULDN'T KNOW THAT I AM WALKIN TO SCHOOL BYE MY SO CALLED BROTHER" " Ella wait" "NOOOO" wat have I done.

Ella's pov

When I gait to school I went straight to lily. I told her everything that happened . "I'm so sorry Ella " " I know what ever." "How about we go out and have some fun to night." " I guess" that's when the bell rang. "Lily wait" "what " "I think I like Harry " "WHATTTTTT"

Harry's pov

"Niall" " what ""I think I like Ella " " WHAT NO"

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