One Direction Imagines

I do take requests, Dirty or clean just leave your name, description and the boy you want. XD xx


4. How you meet

Harry: Your at a club in this ridiculous dress your friends picked out, you were about to leave when to big hands snaked around your waist. "Get off creep!" You snapped, but instantly regretted it when you saw his perfect face. "Are you here alone" he asks "Not anymore" you say with a wink, with that had takes your hand and your follow him to his car, exited to the night ahead...


Louis: Your at Doncaster, on holiday and one day you were going around the shops, when the cutest smile caught your eye. You look over and he looks up, and smiles. He walks up to you, "Hey, I'm Louis" "Y/N" "So,um do you wanna go out sometime?" You grin and hand him your phone. He hands it back and you walk off still smiling.


Niall: Your at Nandos by yourself and after you order you sit down, and look around the tables. One table caught your eye, as the waiter walked out with a massive plate of food just for one guy! He places the plate down and the guy starts licking his lips. You can't help but giggle. He hears you, and looks over as you pretend to not be looking. He leaves and then the waiter comes over to you, "Ma'am, that guy said to give this to you." And he hand you a napkin with a note on it. "To the beautiful girl that laughed at me, I've paid for your meal because I'm nice (: here's my number ******** -Niall xx" you smile and leave with the napkin.


Liam:Your at the beach, and you see this guy surfing. So you grab your board, and go into the freezing water. You catch a wave and ride it perfectly. You run into the sand and stand up your board, taking a breath. The same guy comes over, "Man, your good, you've got to teach me sometime." He says with a grin. "I'd be happy to" You exchange names and numbers and then you both go and catch another wave.


Zayn: You are auditioning at this modelling agency, you go up to the reception and tell them your there. You go to the waiting room. You sit down, only you and a guy were there. He had the most beautiful face, and perfect hair. He looks over at you and winks. He gets called in, "Zac Malik?" "It's Zayn". You wait about 10 minutes and he walks out giving you another wink. You come out and he's still there. "Hey,babe where you going?" "My flat" he smiles "Mind if I join you?" "Not at all" you say with a wink. Then you walk out with him following.


Sorreh the Louis one was short ): don't b hatin now. Jk ily mkay bai!!! xxx (:

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