One Direction Imagines

I do take requests, Dirty or clean just leave your name, description and the boy you want. XD xx


5. HIs turn on ;)

Zayn: You are sitting on the couch, and Zayn walks in. He was looking more sexy than normal, and you instantly anted him. He sat down beside you and you leaned close to his face, and nibbled his earlobe. He looked at the lust in your eyes. He got up and picked you up putting your legs around his waist and carried you to the bedroom...

Liam: When your hair is annoying you, you flip your hair forward, then catch it and put it up. Liam always stares at you when you do it. One time you did it, then wiggled your bum cheekily, just to tease him. You turned towards him, and he stared at you with lust. He grabbed you and pinned you up against the wall, "Do it again, Gorgeous, dare ya''.

Harry: You're in the kitchen, shaking your hips and butt, listening to your favorite song. You have it cranked up so loud go don't hear Harry walk in, until you feel him hugging you from behind. You flip around and smile as his hands get lower. You kiss him and jump up on him.


Niall: You were eating a hotdog, you always lick the sauce off first. One day Niall had already finished and you were still licking off the sauce, He cheekily take a bite from the other side. You look at him angrily, but sweetly at the same time. All of a sudden he smashes his lips onto yours, and you smile through the kiss. You both run to the bedroom.


Louis: You were in the bathroom putting on make-up. Louis came in "Babe, you don't need make up, you're already perfect" You put down your brush and turn around. "Why are you always so nice to me?" you say "Because I love you" You hug him and then say "Jeez, your gorgeous" You say in his ear. He rubs his thumb over your cheek, and slowly starts taking off your clothes... 

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