One Direction Imagines

I do take requests, Dirty or clean just leave your name, description and the boy you want. XD xx


1. Dirty Niall Imagine

Imagine.... You and Niall have been dating for 3 months, but you are old-fashioned and want to wait a while till sex. But one day you couldn't resist and knew it was time. You waited till he got home and tried to lay sexy on the couch, in your little black nighty, with see-through lace, and your hair teased to the brink. He walked in and stared at you wide mouthed. "You want it big boy?'

you said trying to be sexy, but kind of sounding desperate, re-thinking what you just said, he attacked you with kisses, surprised moans slipped out of my mouth. You got up and lead him to the bedroom, where you had layed fresh sheets and covered it in rose petals. He threw you on the bed and started kissing

   you, every kiss getting lower and lower, until he was at your underwear begging for entrance, instead you brought him up to your lips and got up,leaving him on the bed, and un-clasped your nighty and then your underwear down sexily. You saw his eyes fill with lust and decided not to tease him anymore and lay on top of him, slowly pulling down his pants. He took off his shirt and you started


to kiss him and then ripped off his boxers. You started to lick his penis and  then you took him in, moans came out of him like a waterfall slipping every second, He screamed in pleasure.

Then he took charge and started to rub your vagina you moaned un-controllably, then he delicately put two fingers in and out. You started panting in between moans. Then he  slipped his bulging erection into you.

 You screamed 10x louder than any time before and he felt pleased with himself pumping in and out of you. Then you felt it, like a wave washing over you, ad Niall felt it too, pulling out and falling beside you. Then you look at each-other and  realized you loved each-other.  You both just lay there for a while until Niall got hungry and you raced each other to the fridge ;3


      Hi guys dont forget too comment you name,description and the guy you want and i can make 
      one just for you! xx :)    





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