One Direction Imagines

I do take requests, Dirty or clean just leave your name, description and the boy you want. XD xx


2. Dirty Harry Imagine for Lillee <3 xx

 Imagine...... You work as a model and, one day you get home late and go to have a shower.But   Harry is already in there, so you decide to join him. You slide the shower curtain and Harry looks around startled, but relived when he see's your beautiful face smiling at him. He looks down at your body ''Dayum Lillee'' he says, you blush slightly," how was work today? he asked.

"So stupid, those stupid mini shorts and tight outfits, and dont even get me started on the bra's,
sometimes i just want to rip it... Harry?'' You look down at his member as it slowly rises  ''wha-'' he interupts you by smashing his lips against yours and then starts grabbing your ass,

you smile and while running you fingers through his sexy hair. He picks up your legs and puts them around his waist. He turn off the water and lays you down on the bathroom floor and starts kissing you.He starts massaging your pussy as you moan. He starts sucking on your boobs and twirling your nipples. He starts kissing them but then gradually gets lower.

He finally get there and starts licking your clit, as if it was a lollipop. you moan "Harry...ahhh...OH!''
you scream in surprise, pleasure and utter enjoyment as he sticks his tongue inside you and swirls
it around. You arch your back and moan uncontrollably. The he replaces his tongue with his fingers,
pumping in and out of you. He pulls them out and looks at your eyes with lust.

You take over and start to pump his dick, getting faster the more he moaned, then you licked
the tip of it making him go crazy. Then you stop teasing and take him in, as he thrusts in your
face. You took him out of you mouth and lowered yourself onto his upright penis.

Bouncing up and down and holding on to his chest as he squeezes his eyes shut as he enjoyed the pure pleasure. You feel yourself neering the edge and your walls tense up and your juices fall all over Harry and fall off him and then laying on his chest.

''Lillee, I love you'' You look at him and say ''Ive always loved you."

                                      THE END :) xxx hoped you enjoyed.

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