One Direction Imagines

I do take requests, Dirty or clean just leave your name, description and the boy you want. XD xx


3. Cute and clean for Shania

Imagine.... You and Zayn have been dating for a year and a half,but lately you've been noticing he becomes all jumpy around you. One night he stands in the doorframe looking into your bedroom, "Ummmm, babe do you wanna go out tonight?" "Sure" You feel this might let you know where your relationship stands. 


You start getting ready doing your hair up in a side braid, followed by your make up. Then you head to your wardrobe and put on your best dress; a scarlet red dress that goes down to your feet, with a slit below the left thigh, and covered in delicate sparkles. You top it of with your matching heels. You walk into the lounge, where Zayn is standing in his best tuxedo, and bow tie. You get in the car and head off.


You get into the restaurant and take your seat. Zayn is acting more jumpy than just roll your eyes and order. "Can I have the Salmon please" you say, "Ill have the Chicken Caesar salad please" he says then winks at the waitress causing you to fume with rage.


Your food arrives and in no time it's gone.  The waitress comes again and Zayn says"Babe, why don't we share?" So you order a cheesecake which Zayn recommended. After about 20minutes it arrives with swirls and roses on the decorating. You thought it was only a slice, but no it was the whole cake! Zayn cuts you a slice, and watches you. You look around and see everyone is, you feel your cheeks burn up as you take a bite.


Your teeth bite down and is stopped by what feels like metal. You quickly grab your napkin,and discretely spit it out. You look at what it is and to your utter surprise, it was a ring! You clean it of and stare at the diamonds and rubies in shock, you jaw hangs open as Zayn stands up. "Shania, I love you so much, will you marry me?" You feel tears rolling down your cheek, "Of course!" You both smile uncontrollably, while everyone else in the restaurant clapped.


You go close to his face and kiss his soft lips. "I love you to." You hug each other and feel like the only people in the whole world.




A/N Hey guys remember to comment your request and I'll get them done ASAP xxx luv ya byye






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