Brothers and her


8. Zen Talk

"HE DIDN'T! THAT SON OF A SNAKE; HE DOSEN'T EVEN KNOW YOU!" Zayn had been furiously ranting for the past 10 minutes about that "selfish evil deceiving little-" um...guy. Louis was in lot's of trouble.

"Well," Kenzie said in her best soothing voice, "It was nothing more than a peck, really, Zayn, calm down please." And when he finally did, he said, "Alright, Louis is crazy. He's done this to other girls. Not many, but a few. He thinks your pretty and BAM! He is sure he's got to have you."

Kenzie laughed. "So basically like any boy." Zayn looked hurt. "I-I don't do that...really," he said. Kenzie mock-pouted, "But Zayniiiiieeeeeee, I didn't mean you." They laughed and Zayn gave her a hug. "Just... be careful, 'aight?" 

Kenzie started to walk down the hall to Harry's room. "Aight," she said



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