Brothers and her


5. Truly Madly Deeply...Hating Louis.

Kenzie waited for the auditions to be over, then talked to Niall about Puffles. That darned one legged cat.

He smiled at her and said, "Sure, we'll take ya home." Just then Louis came over. "Hey, Shaky," he said to her. "Louis!" Niall shouted. Kenzie stood her ground. "What's up with that, Louis," she said. "What?" Louis said defensively. "It was just a joke, I mean, it's true, but it was still a joke."

Kenzie couldn't believe her ears. "Your a prat, Louis," she spat. Niall glared at him and explained to him the situation. "So we're taking her home," Niall finished. Louis snatched the keys from his own pocket and stormed off.

Louis had been held back for, let's just say, lots of slacking off, so he was sixteen with a drivers license. Crap.

After Niall told the other boys, they all squeezed into the car, with Niall, Liam, Harry, and Zayn in the back, and Kenzie and Louis in the front. After they started driving, there was silence. Until,  "You really are pretty shaky, you know."

Kenzie was awfully mad now. "Well you're the worst singer in the whole state of Virginia." And she meant it. Well, not in the whole state, she'd heard worse, but it was just (way) too high.

Louis gripped the steering wheel, but managed to stay calm. His brothers, on the other hand, let out small gasps. "You're awfully cheeky, now, love." Kenzie rolled her eyes and snickered. "Sure." Louis growled, "Don't get smart love. What I was saying was truth. You almost spilled your soda in my la-" "ENOUGH!!!" Zayn shouted. Kenzie jumped."I'm already tired of you two."

Everyone spent the rest of the ride in silence. When they got to Kenzie's house, Niall got out of the car and walked her to the front door. "I'm sorry, he's normally not like this...just give him time, and Kenzie, be nice please?" Kenzie hugged Niall and said, "Fine." Niall smiled and hugged back.

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