Brothers and her


7. My First Kiss Went A Little Like..."what I barley know you"

It was big. It was beautiful. It was messy. And that was the Cowell home.

"Sorry!" Niall blushed, kicking some bright pink boxers under the sofa. "Let's just go to Liam and my room..." When Kenzie saw it, she laughed a little.

The room was a good size for two almost 16 year old boys. But whilst Liam's side was neat with only a few candy wrappers on the ground, Niall's side was lined by socks, shirts, pants and yes, even boxers, to mark his territory. His bed was unmade, and soda cans and a baseball and wrappers were lying across the floor. His face was as red as a cherry.

"Um, you were not really supposed to see this..." He trailed off and quickly cleared the junk away. After that Kenzie sat on his bed and they talked, play video games, and talked some more.

Until Louis walked in.

"Um, Niall, she's not all yours you know." Niall gives him a warning glare. Kenzie blushed and got up. "He may be right, but I had fun Ni, thanks." She waved then followed Louis to the attic. He had moved his room up there the day he turned sixteen.

It was nice, though. Bright and spacious. Then Louis surprised her.

He turned towards her, leaned in, and kissed her full on the mouth.

Kenzie pulled away quickly. Louis looked horrified. "Oh my god..." he said, pacing around the room. "I'm sooooo sorry, really, I just, ah, Louis why-" Kenzie cut him off. "No Louis, it's ok, I'm sure I'll recover, it's just... you kind of stole my first kiss, and I've only known you a day..."

"Oh god, no no no, craaaap! Just... I don't know, go to Zayn, he'll know what to do, he always does."

And that's what Kenzie did.

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