Brothers and her


6. Lack of Lurve

It's only Thursday, dang it, Kenzie thought as she stretched and got out of bed. Well, it's a whole new day and noth- well, crap, I forgot about Louis. 

When she got to school, Kenzie was greeted by a speedy Niall, who was only second to Angora. She laughed, "Well someone didn't get enough childhood hugs!" Niall laughed and squeezed her tight. She blushed. Niall stepped away. "Um, well, I was just wondering, if you were maybe free this afternoon? Cuz the boys and I really like you and well, they sent me to ask you to come over maybe after school maybe like if you want to cuz you don't have to and-"

"And I'd love to, Ni," Kenzie finished. "Let me just text my mom."

Kenzie xx

Hey mom, this really nice boy at school and his brothers, ya know, the ones who took me home yesterday, wants me me to hang out at their house after school. I'll be home by dinnertime.

Her mom replied almost instantly,


Sure baby, but who's the adult, and be safe!

Niall was reading over her shoulder. "My dad, Simon Cowell, my mum...passed away a year ago." Kenzie stopped typing. "I'm so sorry..." she said. "It's alright," he said, and smiled. She sent her mom the info and her mom sent her an "OK."

Niall smiled. "Yay! I'll tell the boys." The rest of the day went by quickly. But then, it was time.


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