Brothers and her


3. Dang It, Puffles!

Kenzie calmed down almost immediately. She just hated having all those eyes on her. She didn't even care about what the girls had said. Why would she? They didn't even know her, so why should she let it get to her?

As she exited the bathroom, she ran straight into one of Niall's brothers, Harry. "Oh sorry," Kenzie said, smiling warmly at the tall, curly-haired boy. "It's fine, love. I just wanted to ask you why you ran away like that." Kenzie laughed. Of course. " I just don't like having all the attention. I don't really like to have any attention."

"Oh, thank God! Niall's an absolute wreck, he thought he hurt you or something. But please, please, PLEASE, come sit with us? Please?" Kenzie laughed again. "Fine, curly." He laughed this time. "Good. Wait, so you don't care what the popular girls are going to think?" "Of course not!" she replied. "I don't know them, they don't know me, so even if they judge me, why should I care?"

"Harry hugged her and said, "You are the first girl I've met in a long time who has got her priorities straight."

After that, they found Niall and Kenzie explained and apologized. "No," Niall said, "I was mistaken." They hugged and went back to the lunchroom.


After all of the extremely boring classes of the day, Kenzie waited for her moms car. Right when she was starting to get impatient, her phone buzzed in her pocket.It was a text from her mom:


Hey darling, I forgot that I have to take Puffles to the vet today! :( I'm sorry honey, but you're gonna have to go home with Angora or someone today. Love you, see you at home!

Crap, Kenzie thought. Angora was already gone. The only people who had stayed behined this late where the Cowells, how had to audition for choir. Kenzie's house was a good 10 miles from school, and she'd never get home in time! Oh god, she thought, I'm going to have to get the Cowells to drive me!

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