Brothers and her


2. Clearly (un) Popular

Kenzie felt her chest tighten as Niall broke away from his brothers and started walking her way. She forced a smile. Angora apparently decided it was a good time to walk away and chat with one of her fellow choir members.

"Hey, um, I'm Niall Cowell," he said, extending his hand. "Hi, I'm Kenzie Weller," Kenzie said, shaking it. They stood there akwardly for a few seconds before Kenzie blurted, "We have first period English together." Niall gave her a relieved smile before saying, "Good. So, is the teacher nice? And what are we learning? Sorry, I'm new...." Kenzie laughed. "Well, since its my first day, I know only a little more than you do, and thats only because one of my friends was in ninth last year. He said the English teacher, Miss Conley, was almost to sweet, but if a student set her off.... Anyway, he also said the first thing we should be learning is Newspaper History, and that is going to also be the first thing in History, if I-"

The bell sounded, signifying the start of first period in one minute. Niall and his brothers jumped. Kenzie laughed. "Not used to it, are you?" she said. She grabbed her books and ran to class. Niall laughed and followed.

They slid into seats right next to each other, right before Miss Conley smile warmly at the class and said, "Let's get started."


After the first and second period ended, it was finally lunch time. Kenzie had second period "Arithmetic" with Angora, and surprise surprise, one of the Cowell brothers. His name was Zayn, and he was pretty quiet. He had tall black hair and big chocolate brown eyes.

At lunch, Kenzie sat at her usual table, ate her usual lunch, and talked to Angora and Angora's friend Cassie about usual stuff. Then Niall ruined everything.

"Hey!  Kenzie! Yea, you! Kenzie Weller!" Kenzie's head snapped to his table. It was the table that was forbidden to almost every girl and boy in Westelmer High. Where if you are not a boy like Niall Cowell, or a girl like Niall Cowell for that matter, you shall be beheaded. It was...The Popular Table.

Kenzie pretended like she didn't hear him for as long as she could, but he kept shouting her name and actually came over and grabbed her by the arm. She hissed in his ear why she just couldn't go over there, and his face fell. he stopped walking and everyone's eyes were on them. "Excuse me if I'm wrong, but if a person is truly kind and has a good heart, like you, Kenzie, they are good enough to rule the whole world, let alone sit at this so-called 'popular table,' right?"

Everyone was staring at her, a small group of girls started to mutter things about how unworthy she was, and Angora and Cassie slow clapped, but others just sat there gaping. Niall tried to tug on Kenzie's arm, but all the pressure had made her start to cry. Before he could see, Kenzie twisted out of Niall's grip and ran to the bathroom. She heard Niall call her name, but she didn't look back.

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