Bullied by Louis (Remake)

Elizabeth and her friend, Louis have been friends ever since they were young but what happens after summer vacation when Louis Tomlinson suddenly becomes mean to her?


12. Twelve

Louis' pov: I looked into her eyes and smiled. She had the same feelings like I did for her. I was madly in love with Elizabeth since the first day of Freshman year. I didn't want to show my love for her because I thought she wouldn't fall in love with her childhood friend, but I guess she was in love with me. She held my hands in her small hands and then started to cry. 

"I had to admit it because it was killing me in the inside. It's okay if you don't feel the same, Louis" She said wiping her eyes with her shirt. I smiled before pulling her in for a hug. "You know, I have had a crush on you ever since. You make me feel like I'm complete. I know I hurt you in school, but I regret it. Tate, Landon, and also Ruby's father pushed me over the edge" I said while rubbing her back in circles. She pulled away from me and wiped her eyes.

"I thought you meant those words that you used," She said. I shook my head and broke into a smile. "I love you," I said while kissing her forehead. What will be the plan if I ask her to be my girlfriend? If I ask her, I'd have to keep her beside me no matter what because I don't want her near Tate, Landon, or even Ruby. 

"I love you too, Louis," She said wiping her eyes before walking off into the hallway. I ran out and followed her up the stairs. I grabbed her wrist and stopped her. She looked at me and took a deep breath in and exhaled.

"I know I can't be with you, but we can still be best friends," She said before taking my hand off her arm and ran all the way to her room and slammed it shut. I ran my fingers through my hair while hearing footsteps going up the stairs. "Lou, where is Liz?" Alexandra said. I turned around to see her. "She's in her room," I said.

"We both confessed we have feelings for each other, but the only thing that is in the way is r-.."

I was cut off by Alexandra smacking my arm as hard as she could. "Ruby, Landon, and Tate the tater tot have nothing to do with your love towards Elizabeth," She said grabbing me by the arm and pulling me into an opened room. 

"If you love Elizabeth, don't let anything come in between you and her," She said while looking around Melanie's room. I walked to the window and saw a clear view of the front of my house. "Alexandra, tell Elizabeth to look out this window while I'm out in the front yard," I said before running off down the stairs. 

"Alright!"She yelled. I reached for the door, opened it, and ran out. I could see Tate's car arrive near my house and then saw Ruby get out of his car while laughing. Just saying but, her fake laughs need a lot of work AND she needs to chill with her hyena laughing. I slowly walked backwards till I saw two faces out of the window. "I'd explain how I fell in love with you but that would take a long time!"I yelled. She smiled widely and covered her face. 

"Louis!" Ruby yelled as loud as she could. Alexandra seemed to not enjoy Ruby's loud screaming because I saw her open the window even wider. "In the nicest way as possible, can you shut the fuck up! I cannot stand your hyena laughs, loud screeching, and those fake laughs of yours!!"She yelled. See, if Alexandra and I were siblings, we would rule the world because she is the most coolest badass out there you'll ever meet. 

"Elizabeth, will you be my girlfriend?"I smiled 



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