Bullied by Louis (Remake)

Elizabeth and her friend, Louis have been friends ever since they were young but what happens after summer vacation when Louis Tomlinson suddenly becomes mean to her?


3. Three

Alexandra's pov: I just got a text message from Elizabeth saying she was in the bathroom crying because of Louis. I stood up to catch Mr. Walter's gaze and saw he suddenly pointed at me. "You. Why are you out of your seat" He said, I looked at him and smiled widely. "May I please use the bathroom," I said. He gave me a thumbs up and turned to continue what I interrupted by standing up. I ran to the door, opened it and ran out. I ran around the corner to see Louis standing in front of the girl's bathroom.

"Hey, Smartass? that is the girls' bathroom," I said. He turned around and smirked. "Well, well, Alexandra! what brings you here," he said coming near me. I grabbed his collar and looked him in the eyes angrily. "I don't know why are you being like this to her, but leave her alone..or else"I threatened

"I am not afraid of you," he said. I smiled letting him go and pushing past him to walk inside. As I stepped foot inside, I turned to look at him. "What is up with you?"I said walking fully inside and turning around the corner to see her sitting there. 

"Liz" I frowned before throwing myself on the floor and wrapping my arms around her. She snuggled and sniffled. 

"I can't believe he said he wished he never met me!" she yelled. I shushed her and nodded. Louis never acted like with either me or Elizabeth. We all were childhood friends; We had sleepovers, we shared secrets, and we loved to play hide and seek in our younger years. I stroked her hair and sighed loudly while hearing the bathroom doors open. 

"Louis is so hot" Ruby screeched. I let Elizabeth go and looked at her; she looked really tired and very sad. Trust me, I am sad too. Louis never acted like this to us. 

"Oh, look" Ruby snickered. I stood up and pulled Elizabeth up and smiled softly. She smiled back and wiped her eyes. I turned around to see Ruby and her...squad 

"oh, look!"I said looking at her up and down. "You know what would make you guys really beautiful?"Ruby's friend,  Angelina said. I crossed my arms and shrugged. 

"Makeup!"Fiona giggled. Angelina looked at Elizabeth and smirked. "But you know, makeup can't solve just anyone's problems," She said, I laughed and clapped. 

"Really? makeup isn't true beauty, honey. oh, Bozo the clown called, he wants his face paint back" I said looking at Angelina, Ruby, and Fiona. They looked at me and walked away with a hair flip

"Too much horse hair, damn"I laughed. Elizabeth giggled and walked and faced me. "Listen, Liz. Forget he even exists. He'll do anything to grab your attention so pay no attention to Louis Tomlinson" I said. She looked at me for a while and then nodded. I walked to her, grabbed her hand, and walked out of the bathroom to see a horrible thing going on from outside...

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