Bullied by Louis (Remake)

Elizabeth and her friend, Louis have been friends ever since they were young but what happens after summer vacation when Louis Tomlinson suddenly becomes mean to her?


16. Sixteen

Ruby's pov: I was sitting on my bed thinking of the things I did to hurt Elizabeth. I watched my door slowly open to reveal Louis' mother standing there. "If you're here to yell at me for that huge fight then yell"I cried, watching her approach my bed. She frowned and put a hand on my leg. "I just wish I could turn back time and apologize to her. I just.."I stopped and looked at her. 

"I just feel like I went too far"I cried. I saw my father walk in and look at me. "Too far? That girl almost tried to kill you!"He exclaimed. Louis' mother stood up and faced him. "Do you think her mother would allow her to bully a girl that she envies?"She questioned. No. My mom wouldn't accept the fact that I'm hurting Elizabeth like that. Wake up and open your eyes. "Why would Ruby envy such a bully?"He questioned

"Elizabeth is loved by the people around her while I'm here feeling miserable"I cried while watching him disagree. "You're loved by me, Ruby. It's just that you look so much like your mother! I lost her"He cried. I looked into his eyes before running into his arms. "Just apologize to Louis for all the things you caused him,"I said.

Elizabeth's pov: I saw Melanie sitting on her bed with her back facing me. I walked over to her and sat beside her to see that she was holding the photo of her father. She placed the picture on her nightstand and turned around to face me. "Do you want to paint with me on one of these days?"She asked. As I was about to respond, I could feel someone pull me up to look out the window. I could see Ruby make her way across the street and approach my house. I turned around to face Alexandra and Melanie. I quickly explained to Melanie how I would love to spend some time with her before running off with Alexandra. I quickly opened the door to see Ruby standing in front of me. She slowly got on both knees and started to cry. "I-I came here to apologize for my actions, Elizabeth,"She stuttered. I looked into her eyes and saw she was in a lot of pain. As I stepped forward, Alexandra pulled me back.

"What is your deal? Can't you see she's the girl that made you suffer and turned Louis against you?"She said. I turned around and pushed her back carefully before grabbing the door and slamming it shut. I know Ruby made my life a living hell, but I've never seen her like this. I pulled her up carefully before she attacked me with a hug. "I don't want you on your knees if you apologize..I'm not that mean"I sighed. She sniffled and hugged me tighter. 

"But I was"She cried. I pulled her off of me and grabbed her by the shoulders. "I know you were mean to me, but that wouldn't give me the purpose of bullying you. That's not how it goes"I said. She wiped her eyes with her sweater and smiled at me. After a long talk with Ruby, I ended up forgiving her for her actions. Alexandra wasn't very happy with that decision but hey, we're all humans, right?

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