Bullied by Louis (Remake)

Elizabeth and her friend, Louis have been friends ever since they were young but what happens after summer vacation when Louis Tomlinson suddenly becomes mean to her?


6. Six

Elizabeth's pov: I was worried about him ok? I just wanted to know if Louis was alright because it sounded like he slammed his fist a little too hard on the wall. I walked my way back to the cafeteria and I could see Ruby sitting beside Niall. I looked at Alexandra and she pretended to puke. Harry turned around to look over at me and smiled. I walked towards the table and sat near harry. "Can you leave now?"Alexandra asked hitting her hand on her face. Ruby looked at Niall and smiled 

"The party starts at 6:00 pm so be there," She said before getting up. "Oh, you're invited too," She said tapping harry's shoulder. "Thanks, but no thanks," He said looking up at her. "Come on! it will be fun"She chirped. I laughed while getting up and sat near Alexandra. 

"He said no thanks," I said looking at her face. She looked at me and smirked. "Wow, It speaks!"Ruby said clapping her hands. I felt Alexandra tap my leg with something. I looked down at her hand holding a opened chocolate milk carton. I grabbed it and looked at Niall.

"Niall. Can you sit on the other side of harry?"I asked. He nodded and stood up; I looked at Ruby and she smirked. "Will these boys be your boy toys?"She said loudly. I stood up and threw the chocolate milk directly at her. 

"MY NEW SHIRT!"She screeched, I shrugged and dropped the carton on the table. "I'm not letting you or nobody else ruin my day!"I yelled sitting back down. 

"You'll get what you deserve, Elizabeth Rivers" She growled. Alexandra laughed and put her arm around me. 

"She deserves nothing, Ruby. If you do something to my bestie, I will get you" She said. Ruby looked at me and then at Alexandra. She groaned and ran off to her table. 

I looked out the cafeteria entrance and saw Louis walk in and look directly at me. I saw him smile at me and then walk back out. I looked at my hands and sighed. I miss talking to him...he was so sweet and kind, but I don't know what was up with him. 

"Remember when we met each other!"Alexandra said pulling me close. 

"We were destined to become best friends," I said....


I stood in front of a house I'd call mine in a couple of days. I turned to see my Step-sister, Melanie pulls a box out of the car and walked my way. I moved out of her way and saw a girl sitting on the sidewalk with her head down. "Mommy!"I said making my way towards her car. "What is it, darling" She smiled. "I-I saw a little girl sitting on the sidewalk! she could be crying"I said. She looked the other way and then looked back at me. She pulled her bag out and took a barbie band-aid. 

"Let's go help her," She said getting out and picking me up. I looked behind her to see Melanie setting her box down and sitting down on it. I was put down on the floor and turned to see the girl. "Hi," I chirped. She looked at me and wiped her eyes. I grabbed the band-aid from my mom's hand and sat down in front of the girl. 

"Elizabeth, that is a new dress!" my mom laughed. I unwrapped the band-aid and put it on her knee. She looked at me and giggled. "Hi, I'm Alexandra and I'm 5" She sniffled. 

"I'm Elizabeth and I'm 5 too!" I said while smiling

~Flashback over~

"And then she put a barbie band-aid on me," Alexandra said tapping my head. I smiled widely and laughed. "Then Louis Tomlinson came in the picture," Alexandra said. 

"Me, Elizabeth, and Louis were the best of friends. We played in the park together, we went to school together, we laughed together, and we always had sleepovers that were awesome" Alexandra added

"I miss those days"Alexandra and I said in sync


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