Bullied by Louis (Remake)

Elizabeth and her friend, Louis have been friends ever since they were young but what happens after summer vacation when Louis Tomlinson suddenly becomes mean to her?


7. Seven

Alexandra's pov: Lunch was over and I was in physical education, great. I loved how I had PE with Louis' friends, Tate and Landon...idiots. I looked over at Tate and saw him stare at me and then whisper something to Landon. I rolled my eyes and looked over at the gym teacher. "Welcome to our new unit, Basketball," He said. "I call dibs on Alex!" Tate said. I looked at him and laughed. "Don't ever call me Alex, Tate the tater tot," I said. I looked back at the teacher and saw him glare at Tate.
"Grab a ball and start shooting," He said before walking away. I groaned and ran over to the shelves that had a bunch of balls. As I reached for a ball, another person reached for my hand. "Oh crap, sorry!"The voice said. I looked over to see Niall smiling. I smiled back and grabbed the ball and passed it to him. 

"I couldn't see you," I said grabbing another basketball. "I know. I was lost around this school" He said. I nodded and saw Louis looking at me. I shook my head at him and looked at Niall. "Would you like to be my partner?"I asked. 

He smiled and then looked at the basketball he was holding. "I'll be your partner If you teach me how to shoot a basket," He said looking back at me. I nodded and ran off to a basketball court and turned around to see him walking. "C'mon!" I laughed, Tate and Landon were looking at me. "You look good with a ball in your hand!"Tate yelled. Sure, I'll look good with your chopped balls in my hand if you have any. 

"Just Ignore. The boys want your attention so they can just piss you off" Niall said. I looked into his eyes and nodded. "So you don't know how to shoot?"I questioned. 

"Well, I do know how to shoot, but I don't want to end up with the ball hitting me straight in the face" He chuckled. I could relate. When I was 7, Elizabeth and I were playing at her house and when I shot the ball into the basket..I celebrated too early and so I bounced the ball too hard and it hit me straight in the eye. 

"Ok. You want to bend your knees slightly, Locate the target, and then straighten your knees and jump"I smiled. He walked in the middle of the court, Bent his knees a little, looked over at the net and took the chance to jump up and shoot. The ball flew and went into the net. "I did it!"He yelled loudly. He ran to me and picked me up in his arms. 

"Too happy!"I laughed


I was sitting on the bus with Niall and waited for Elizabeth and harry. I could see them making their way towards the bus. The boys lived beside Elizabeth's house. They were roommates that had a brotherly bond. Niall told me that they argue over the littlest things. Elizabeth walked in first followed by harry. She sat in the seat in front of me and looked at me. 

"They live next door to you," I said to Elizabeth. She looked at Niall and then at harry. "Welcome to the neighborhood, boys," She said before sitting down in her seat. 

Elizabeth's pov: I looked out of the window and saw Louis and Ruby. Ruby was throwing herself onto him and he just kept pushing her away. She grabbed his face, said something to him, and then roughly let go of him. He looked at her and walked all the way to the bus. I looked at Ruby to see her crossing her arms. You mad?

"Want to all hang out at the park tomorrow?"Alexandra asked. I turned and gave her a thumbs up and then sat back down in the seat. "I need to get away from the devil..also known as Melanie"I laughed. 

"Who is Melanie?" Harry asked. I looked over at him and pulled my phone out. I pressed the gallery and scrolled till I found a picture of her with her father. "This is Melanie," I said showing him the picture. Oh, Melanie's father passed away 3 years ago due to a heart attack. She has never been the same since then because she was very close to her father. They loved to paint and go fishing together. 

"She's been through things, but she pisses me off," I said exiting the picture and closing my phone. He nodded and looked down at his hands. I looked outside and felt the bus start to move. Goodbye, school. I looked down at my shoes and sighed. I closed my eyes and felt someone stroke my hair. "We should have a sleepover someday" Alexandra said. I nodded slowly and yawned.
"Prank calls, hide and seek, and laughing till our stomachs hurt,"She said giggling. As I opened my eyes, the bus was already at our stop. Harry and I stood up and walked through the aisle and walked out of the bus. I looked at him and smiled widely. 

"Thank you for becoming a friend of mine," I said. He chuckled and nodded, Niall attacked him with a huge hug that almost knocked harry off his feet. "See you guys tomorrow!"Alexandra chirped. I looked at her and saw she was smiling a little. 

"I can tell you like Niall," I said before making a run for it. I got to the front door of my house and turned to see Alexandra standing there. "No I don't" She said crossing her arms. I took my key out and unlocked the door. I walked in and looked at her making a run across the street. 

"Yes, you do!"I yelled before closing the door..


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