Bullied by Louis (Remake)

Elizabeth and her friend, Louis have been friends ever since they were young but what happens after summer vacation when Louis Tomlinson suddenly becomes mean to her?


1. One

Elizabeth's pov: I woke up to my annoying step-sister, Melanie poking my leg. I sat up and looked at her angrily while she looked back at me with a huge grin on her face. "What the hell do you want, Melanie?" I said, annoyed, she knows not to wake me up like that, but she chose to. 

"You have school, child, " she smirked. I stood up and looked at her. She had that smirk still on her face and it was tempting to not smack it off of her fucking face. I looked into her eyes and smiled back at her. 

"I am 17 and I am in my Junior year in high school," I said walking past and facing my closet. I opened it and grabbed the first two things I saw which were my black jeans and my white Adidas shirt. I turned around to see her still there. "And I'm 21," she said, walking up to me and shoving me. 

I suddenly lost my balance and fell on my butt. She looked at me like she was going to help me up, but didn't. I watched her exit my room while laughing. 

"That doesn't make you the boss of me!" I yelled, picking myself up and throwing my outfit on the bed and groaned. What happened to Louis?  He hasn't sent me a text since we started summer vacation and I feel like he is ignoring me. "Elizabeth! You're going to be really late young lady!" my mother yelled all the way from downstairs. I sighed and looked outside my window. "I hope Alexandra will be waiting in front of the school" I whispered to myself. 

When I was finished with everything, I went into the kitchen to say goodbye to my mom. She looked at me and stroked my face. "Have a great day, Elizabeth," she said before kissing my head. I giggled and looked into her eyes. I saw Melanie standing behind her..Don't be thinking you'll have the house to yourself to make a huge mess because this time, I'm not cleaning

 "You too mom" I smiled, running towards the door. I opened the door to feel a wave of cold air hit me hard in the face. I breathed in the cold air and walked out. I walked across the street and saw the bus already  there. "Thanks a lot, Melanie," I said before, making a run for it. I made it just in time before it closed and made my way through the aisle looking for a place to sit till I found an empty seat. I looked outside the window and frowned... Was Louis mad at me? 



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