Bullied by Louis (Remake)

Elizabeth and her friend, Louis have been friends ever since they were young but what happens after summer vacation when Louis Tomlinson suddenly becomes mean to her?


14. Fourteen

Elizabeth's pov: I woke up to a horrible loud scream. I sat up and saw Louis laying there with his eyes wide open. "What in the hell was that"He whispered sitting up. I looked at him and leaned on his shoulder. "My stepfather is going to kill me" he groaned. I pulled my head off his shoulder and laid back down. "It wasn't even your fault. Ruby roughly shoved you and then shit started to roll after that"I laughed. He turned his body towards me and smiled.

"I'm going to be alright as long as you never leave me"He smiled while climbing on top of me. He brought his face closer to mine and smirked. "Honestly, it would look better if you were on top of me instead of me on top of you" He winked. I rolled my eyes and pushed him off of me. 

"Liz!"Alexandra yelled. I sat up and got out of my bed. I lazily walked to the door and opened it to see Alexandra. Her face had been drawn on. "I need your sharpies" She winked. I shrugged and pulled her in the room. She ran to my backpack and pulled a black sharpie. "Since they drew on my face, I get revenge," She said before running off. I turned around to see Louis shirtless. His shirt was covering his face..what a Show off

"Don't drool," He chuckled before taking the shirt off of his face. I clapped to a random rhythm while dancing. He stood up and ran to me. He suddenly picked me up and ran out of the room.
"Put me down!" I laughed while hitting his back. He chuckled and walked down the stairs. Louis put me down and opened the front door. "I'll be back in a couple of hours," He said before kissing my forehead. I watched him walk down my porch steps and run to his house. 

Louis' pov: I opened the door to see Ruby in the middle of the hallway like she was waiting for me to walk through the front door. "Why did you stand up for that loser?" She laughed. I looked at her up and down before chuckling. 

"Oh please, you're the loser"I laughed while walking past her. I watched her father's figure pop up from behind her and cross his arms. "What did he call you?"He asked while touching her shoulder.  Great, I'm going to get beat up by her father. 

"Nothing" She winked. He gave me a glare and then nodded."Louis' lucky but he wasn't too lucky yesterday" He snickered while walking to the living room. Ruby looked at me and smiled widely. "I am giving you one last chance to forget Elizabeth and be with me, Landon, and Tate"She pouted. 

"You can shove that 'last chance' up your ass."I growled...

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