Bullied by Louis (Remake)

Elizabeth and her friend, Louis have been friends ever since they were young but what happens after summer vacation when Louis Tomlinson suddenly becomes mean to her?


5. Five

Louis' pov: Seeing Elizabeth sitting with those two newbies in this school angered me. I was angry she had found some new friends. I was being a bitch to her because of Tate, Landon, and also because of my new stepfather who always kept bringing me down with his words and the closest one to yell at and be a big ass to was Elizabeth. Ruby sat on my lap and I saw Tate smile evilly. I seriously wanted to push Ruby off of me, but I couldn't because...her father was my stepfather. Yeah, my step-sibling kissed me because she forced it. Her father could break me into two and I didn't want to get hurt. 

Ruby got off me and looked over at Elizabeth's table and then looked at me. "Want to throw milk in her hair?"She asked taking the milk out of my hand. I snatched my milk back and sighed. "No, Ruby. I am going to drink my milk"I lied. I didn't want to throw milk on her hair for some reason.

"Here. have mine," Landon said. I looked at him, rolled my eyes, and got up to stretch. Ruby grabbed it and tossed it across the cafeteria. It landed on their table and splashed them with chocolate milk. Alexandra got up and looked towards us. "Oops!" Ruby yelled. Elizabeth stood up and I saw that most of the chocolate milk had hit Alexandra instead of Elizabeth, oh god. Alexandra walked all the way over to Ruby and threw a punch at her then looked at me. "Keep it up, Louis. If you don't quit with this nonsense, I'll throw a punch at you too" She said before walking back to Elizabeth. 

I saw Ruby get up and look at me angrily. "Are you going to just stand there or do something" She snarled. I looked at her and made my way out of the cafeteria; She pisses me off and I can't help but to think how my mother found these people. As I was about to pull my phone out, someone bumped into me. 

"S-sorry" Elizabeth cried running off grabbing her hair...They threw milk on her hair. I sighed and thought of following her, but I couldn't. I can't do anything to help her. I pushed her away from me because of my attitude. I can try to fix it, but nothing will change. Tate and Landon will force me to bully her and my step-father will keep on going with his bitchy attitude just like his daughter.

I grabbed my phone and dialled my mother's phone number. After three rings, she answered. "Hello!"She chirped. I walked towards the bathroom and leaned on the wall. "Mom, can you pick me up?"I asked while hearing voices in the background. 

"Louis, it's Friday"She laughed. I nodded and looked at the wall. "My head hurts"I lied. I wanted to go home to run away from this shit, but it seems like there is no running away from all of this. As she was about to say something, someone grabbed her phone. "You stay in that school, hear me?"My step-father said. I rolled my eyes and hung up on him. I saw the girls' bathroom open to reveal a red-faced Elizabeth with her hair all wet. She looked at me for a second then walked past me. 

"I fucked up real bad"I whispered to myself before slamming my fist on the wall. I turned to see Elizabeth was looking back at me. walk away...don't say a word, Elizabeth

"A-are you okay?" She asked. No.

"I'm fine," I said 



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