Bullied by Louis (Remake)

Elizabeth and her friend, Louis have been friends ever since they were young but what happens after summer vacation when Louis Tomlinson suddenly becomes mean to her?


15. Fifteen

Elizabeth's pov: I sat on my couch while I watched Alexandra being chased around by Niall and Harry. They were running around the living room like little kids. "Who told you to draw penises on our faces!"Niall yelled. Harry nodded while crossing his arms. Alexandra scoffed and shrugged. "I drew penises on your faces because both of you deserved it"Yelled Alexandra. 

"But we drew whiskers on your face, not penises"Harry laughed before sitting on the floor. Niall had his hands crossed while approaching Alexandra. As she was about to say something, there was a loud knock that echoed around the house. I walked out of the living room and made my way to the door. While I opened it, I saw Louis with Tate. 

"Tate here came to apologize for his actions"Louis winked. Tate pulled away from Louis' grasp and shoved him a little too hard. "Apologize for what?! It's all Ruby's fault..go sort it out with that chick"He said rolling his eyes.

"It would be very respectful if you could apologize to Elizabeth, Tate," Louis said while smiling at me. "I'm sorry, Elizabeth"He mumbled

"What did you say?"Alexandra asked. "I am very sorry, Elizabeth."He said before running off. I rolled my eyes before walking into Louis' arms.

Alexandra's pov: I walked up the stairs and made my way to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and turned the faucet on. I wet my hands before running my hands on the whiskers realizing they weren't in sharpie. I covered Niall and Harry in sharpie when they used a marker on me.

"I planned on telling you we used markers"Niall laughed. I turned around to see him leaning against the door frame. "But I wanted to see what you would do," He said before shooting me a wink and running off. I walked out and ran after Niall. As he was about to go down the stairs, he turned around like he was expecting me to run after him. I stopped in my tracks and crossed my arms. He walked towards me and touched my face. 

"Did you feel something when we kissed?"He whispered. I looked into his blue eyes and shook my head. His hands dropped from my face and was at his sides. I watched him smile softly and nod

"Why? did you feel something when we kissed?"I asked. He looked away from my eyes and shook his head. "Of course not" He laughed nervously. I smiled before giving him a thumbs up. What was I supposed to say to him? Oh, I felt something during that kiss. I watched him walk down the stairs and frowned. I walked down the stairs and walked back into the living room. Niall was sitting with Harry talking about how to get the sharpie off of their faces. 

"Nail polish remover," I said 



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