Bullied by Louis (Remake)

Elizabeth and her friend, Louis have been friends ever since they were young but what happens after summer vacation when Louis Tomlinson suddenly becomes mean to her?


11. Eleven

Elizabeth's pov: We were in the backyard talking to Niall and Harry till someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around to see Louis standing there. I grabbed him by the arm and pat his back. "Harry, Niall, this is Louis," I said bringing him near the fence. I watched Louis smile at Harry and slowly extend his arm. "Nice to meet you, Louis," Harry said grabbing his hand and giving it a good shake. "You too" Louis smiled. I watched Louis turn to me and smile softly. "I'll be inside," He said before running off. I looked at Alexandra and then back at the boys. What was up with him now? 

"Well, I have to go grocery shopping," Niall said. I looked at Alexandra and smiled widely. "You know, Alexandra can drive you and help you out," I said. Alexandra looked at me and hit me with her pillow. "That would be great! I mean, if she'd like to go" Niall laughed. Alexandra passed me her pillow and looked at him. "I would love to go with you," She said. Niall smiled and gave her a thumbs up. "I'll meet you out in the front!"He yelled before making a run for it. Alexandra looked at me, gave me a kiss on the forehead, and ran away. Yep, she's in love

I ran up the steps and made my way into my house. It was pitch black and very quiet. I stepped into the darkness and kept my arms out in front of me. "Louis," I said while walking around. I felt around for the light switch, but I couldn't find them one..because I can't see anything. I walked forward till I felt something in front of me, Louis. "Why are all the lights off" I whispered. 

"I don't know. Why are you crushing on your next door neighbor?" He questioned. I don't have a crush on my next door neighbor, Louis. He heard what Alex had said about me having a crush on Harry so now he's confronting me about it, great. 

"Louis, don't ask me that," I said. I walked past him and felt the light switch. While I turned them on, Louis stood there beside me. I turned to face him and crossed my arms. "Do you like Harry, Elizabeth?" He asked. I looked at him and walked into the living room. "I like Harry but as a friend, ok?" I said turning over to face him again.

"But you look at him like you're happy to see him," He said making his way towards me with his arms crossed "If I look at him like I'm excited to see him then I must have a crush on you as well," I said. I guess you will never ask me if I have a crush on my neighbor across from my house. He grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him

"Tell me, do you love him?"He asked. I shook my head and grabbed his hand. 

"The only person I am in love with since a long time ago is you, Louis. I am madly in love with you, Louis Tomlinson" I whispered














A/N- Sorry that it was short :')


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