Bullied by Louis (Remake)

Elizabeth and her friend, Louis have been friends ever since they were young but what happens after summer vacation when Louis Tomlinson suddenly becomes mean to her?


18. Eighteen

Elizabeth's pov: She quickly closed the curtain and made her way out of my room. I ran after her, hearing her cry while making her way down the stairs. I watched her open the door and make a run for it. I quickly ran down the stairs and looked out of the door to see her yelling at her mother and father. "Why in the hell are we moving?!"She cried, grabbing her mom by the shoulders and shaking her roughly.

"We've been living in that house since you were young, Alexandra,"Her dad said. I felt someone pull me into the house and close the door. I watched Louis lock the door and turn around to face me. As I was about to say something, he pulled me into a warm embrace. "I know you want to cry, but we have to stay strong, alright?"He asked, rubbing my back softly. I closed my eyes and remembered old memories of the 3 of us together. I felt Louis pull away from the hug and make his way to the living room. Instead of seeing pillows on the floor, the living room was not messy at all, impressive. 

"Mom is coming home!"Melanie yelled, running into the living room. She smiled at Louis and me before opening the front door. I watched her open the door and run out, making me follow her. I saw that Alexandra and her parents were gone, but the truck was still there. I watched my mom get out of her car and signal both of us over. I made my way towards her and watched her open her arms. 

"So, Alexandra is moving?" My mother asked, holding my hand tightly; I felt like my hand was going to fall out at some point. I looked into her eyes and immediately looked away from her and over at Melanie who was frowning.

"We've been with each other ever since, mom," I said, hearing something slam from the outside, the truck. I let my mom's hand go and peeked out the window to see Alex sitting on the sidewalk, scrolling through her phone while wiping her eyes with her sleeves. Fuck this crap! I want to see Alexandra even if it's the last time I see her!

I made my way towards the door, swinging it open before making a run for it. I could feel the cold breeze through my hair and the wet grass under my feet. "A-Alexandra!" I cried, running towards her and watching her stand and open her arms. I ran into her arms, hugging her tightly. "Hey, Liz," She said softly rubbing my back. We stood hugging each other for about 5 minutes before it was time for her to leave. "All that you need to know is that I won't be here to supervise you, but I will drive all the way over here and kick some ass for you," She said before kissing the top of my head. 

"We'll be far away from each other, technically speaking two towns away but I'll always be in your heart," She smiled softly. I nodded, watching her get into the car with her family before driving off. I felt tears run down my cheeks, hearing a yell. I looked towards the car to see Alexandra's head out the window. 

"I love you, Lizzy!" She screamed. 

"I love you more, Alexandra!" I screamed


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