Love me like its new

We'll hi there. My name is Melanie. I'm Justin's little fuck buddy, but nothing else just little fuckers. Justin has a little girlfriend his own,Selena and I have a boyfriend too which Justin, I don't know why but Justin hates him and Nolan hates him.

I feel kinda bad that we both cheat, but I just can't help it. Both me and Justin are horny for each other.


9. Ch-9

Justin's p.o.v

I took Selena upstairs holding her hands.

"What's wrong jay?" She asked innocently. Damn it teared me apart, but I have to do this, just for Melanie because I love her so much. I breathed slowly.

" Selena I don't think this is working out, really, we've become so distant, and your stinky ass pussy isn't sexy anymore" (sorry sel, hahah OMG that's mean). I said as she looked at me disgusted.

"But I thought it was, I mean when our hairs get tangled don't you think that's sexy as he'll?" She asked (Damn this conversation is getting kinda weird).

"Nah he'll nah bitch" I laughed.

"Are you serious here?" She asked stopping the joke.

"Yes" I said and looked at my fingers.

"Jay but I love you" she said and reached her hand out to touch my hair.

" Selena we have to move on" I said and took her hand.

I dragged her out into the door opened the door and stood her my the door.

"Jay what are you doing?" She asked confused.

"Just kicking your out" I said as calm as I can be.

I tapped her shoulder then kicked her knee as she fell to the ground. I looked around the neighborhood to see Melanie standing there, oh shit.

Melanie stood there in shock? Disgust? Fear? I couldn't read her emotions right now but all I know is that she just washed what I did. Which is a reason enough.

"You I'm saw that?" I said scratching the back of my neck.

"Yeah" she said looking at her phone.

"I was just-" I started but I was thankfully curt my her.

" you don't need to explain it alright" she said in a low tone of voice, almost like a whisper, less than a whisper.

"Come in" I said taking her hand and leading her inside.

"Did you-" I spoke but was cutters off by her phone ringing.

"Excuse me" she said signing for me to wait a second.

"Hey...yeah I will... Okay baby I will okay bye I love you too babe bye" must be Nolan, figures.

"What's up with you?" She asked once she finished her call referring that I had my jaw clenched and fists formed up.

Melanie's p.o.v

"Why the fucking fuck did you call him babe, and you Said I love you too?" He screamed at me. Growling.

"Because he's my boyfriend" I said in a duh tone but not for him to notice cause he'd get mad again.

 "Your such a fucking bitch" he said growling at me.

"Fuck you Justin" I said and started walking away from him.

But he grabbed my hand and spun me around.

"You don't go until I tell you to go" he yelled at me, I tried yanking my hand off but it was no use, he was clearly stronger than me.

"Don't try sweetheart" he said chuckling.

"Let me go" I said through grunted teeth.

"No" he said spinning me around for me to face him. "don't go" he pleaded.

"After you called me a bitch you want me to stay? Screw you" I said and turn my heels on him.

"Don't go baby"said to tilting head his to the side.

"Just let me go" I said and yanked my hand off.

"Why are you making such a big deal about this?" He said screaming again.

"I'm going" I said and twisted the door knob.

"C'mon I'm sorry, I don't mean it baby I'm sorry c'mon" he said and started kissing my neck softly giving me chills.

"Jus-tin-st-op" I said trying to hold my moans.

"Jump on me" he whispered in my ear.

"N-o" I said squeezing my self from moaning.

He grabbed my butt and squeezed it really hard me jump while he he took that chance to hold on to me wrap my legs around his waist.

"Justin stop" I said at him while he carried me.

" I won't" he said/whispered on my ear.

He started kissing me immediately pushing his tongue on me. Kissing me harshly while I didn't kiss back. 

"Kiss me baby" he squeezed my butt once again, I didn't kiss back.

"Come on let me make it up to you" he said on my ear. " let me make love to you" he whispered sexily on my ear.


We'll I made it as long as I could sooo, plz comment what you think!! Ily

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