Love me like its new

We'll hi there. My name is Melanie. I'm Justin's little fuck buddy, but nothing else just little fuckers. Justin has a little girlfriend his own,Selena and I have a boyfriend too which Justin, I don't know why but Justin hates him and Nolan hates him.

I feel kinda bad that we both cheat, but I just can't help it. Both me and Justin are horny for each other.


7. Ch-7

 "Yea" he spoke as the happiest man ever. Eh I mean boy. He's not a man yet.

"But Justin is going to be hard" I said as I imagined it.

"But I want you all to my self. I know you want me to yourself too don't deny it girl." He whispered in my ear.

"The things you do to me" I whispered back. Trailing my finger down his abs to Jerry making him hold a moan.

"I want to do it" he whispered seducing me just to say yes."And then you could be my toy, my playboy bunny" he just seduced my whole body.

"And then what would you be to me?" I smirked at the thought.

"I bring out the little slut that is in you, I like it when you act naughty, you like to think your the one taking control but baby we all know I'm the only one that takes control here" he said taking my hand trailing it down under the sheets and putting it in Jerry.

" fine when I meet up with Nolan I'll break up with him" I said tickling Jerry. We'll not exactly tickling it but tracing my index finger around it making Justin nervous.

"That's my girl" he said taking my head and kissing me rough to sticking his younger right in it.

"Justin don't be do rough" I pulled back before saying that.

"I'm just trying to have some fun but I guess-" he started but I cut him off.

Kissing him roughly  positioning  my self on top of him, making him putt his hands on my ass again squeezing it roughly.

"Bad girl you've turned Into one,I like it baby"  he said positioning Jerry. Taking protection in the counter next to us, putting it on.

"You ready again" he said smiling.

"Yes" I breathed out.

He started slow but then fast by the minute. It was amazing but let's just say it was a long night.


I'm soooooooooo fucking sorry. I haven't updated lately. I had to read a fucking novel for school. But eh I'm back.

Comment what you think about Jelanie! I love reading your comments. Ily 

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