Love me like its new

We'll hi there. My name is Melanie. I'm Justin's little fuck buddy, but nothing else just little fuckers. Justin has a little girlfriend his own,Selena and I have a boyfriend too which Justin, I don't know why but Justin hates him and Nolan hates him.

I feel kinda bad that we both cheat, but I just can't help it. Both me and Justin are horny for each other.


5. Ch-5

I woke up seeing Justin full sleep mode next to me.

I took a shower and put on some fresh cloth, heading downstairs to eat something.

I looked into the fridge seeing the ingredients for pancakes. Just as I was about to mix the dough, Justin's hands made there way to my waist down to my hip.

"Baby I missed u" Justin said to my ear with his morning sexy voice. Ahh god he's breath smells like fresh mint.

"When did you wake up?" I said mixing the dough.

"I didn't wake up to your sexy ass this morning" he said making a smile appear on my face ear to ear rolling my eyes.

"Not my fault"  I said as Justin made his hands go down to my butt stoping his hands there.

"Justin..." I warned and took his hand and made them go up.

"But I like my hands here" he said smirking and putting his hand on my butt again making me smile without him noticing.

"Tonight is fun night" Justin whispers in my ear making me pay all attention to his voice.

"About that Justin...." I said making a little fun out of this.

"Nolan asked me out and I said yea" I said looking down lying. 

"What? But I already-" he started but I cut him off.

"I'm kidding and yes tonight is fun night" I said with a wink.

*skip to tonight*

"Justin stop teasing" I giggled.

"But I like it" he said laughing then back to kissing my neck down to my chest.

I kissed his abs down to his pants, stopped and looked at him. I kissed Jerry while seconds later it piped out like a popcorn.

"Wow Justin I think your a bit too exited" I smirked.

Justin's cloth was off and I was jUst in underwear.

"Ugh Melanie stop teasing" he said digging his nails into the bed sheets.

I was kissing Jerry once again making it bigger and bigger( bigger than it already is)

Justin opened his mouth while I stopped doing Jerry he took my mouth in his hands very hard and made me stick out my tongue.

He took my tongue and pulled it into his tongue practically eating my tongue.

I grabbed Jerry in my hands and kissed the top of it making Justin moan.

"Melanie oh oh" he said grabbing my  ass very hard and digging his nails into it.

"Oh Justin stop touching my ass so much" I said kissing Jerry one more time.

"This..." he said grabbing my ass once again squeezing it every hardly.

"Is MINE" he said squeezing it once again.


Hey sorry I haven't updated in a while.

Thank u guy ily


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