Love me like its new

We'll hi there. My name is Melanie. I'm Justin's little fuck buddy, but nothing else just little fuckers. Justin has a little girlfriend his own,Selena and I have a boyfriend too which Justin, I don't know why but Justin hates him and Nolan hates him.

I feel kinda bad that we both cheat, but I just can't help it. Both me and Justin are horny for each other.


4. Ch-4

"Justin stop" i said giggling like a total slut that wants monkey.

"Take your cloth of babe" Justin said looking down at my body up and down licking his lips.

"Why?" I asked nervous?

"Because were sleeping" he said and made his hands go down to my hips down to legs.

I took off my cloth leaving me in bras and panties I hoped on the bed instantly Justin put his hands on my waist.

Slowly slipping his hands to inside my bra making me laugh and slap his hand off.

"Justin" I said laughing making him laugh too.

"Haha what?" He asked as if he didn't know what he was doing.

"Stop it" I said and Justin turned me around now facing him.

"Your so sexy" Justin whisper in my ear making me touch his stomach but once again I touched the wrong place. We'll he's naked possible for it to happen.

"Your acting all naughty now I see" Justin said butting his lip. God he looks sexy as hell doing that.

"No that was an accident" I said and rolled my eyes but he probably won't see me because of the dark.

"Sureee" he said in a sarcastic tone.

"Don't Believe me then" I said and huffed at him.

"I could be your boyfriend" he whispered in my ear.

"But your not" I whispered back.

"You turn me on so bad it's not even healthy" he said trying to seduce me.

"Oh Justin" I said rolled my eyes once again.

"I want you" he said out of nowhere.

" I want you too" I said kissed his lips quickly.

"I want to have you to fuck you so hard" he said moaning.

"Baby don't do this" I said moaning.

"I WANT YOU" he screamed making me laugh.

"When is Selena coming back?" I asked.

"In four days why?" Justin said back

"just to know so I can call Nolan and do something with him because you won't be available. He'll be there to please me" I said and smirked.

"Do that and were gonna have problems. I'm not kidding" he said and got angry quickly.

"But what would I do when I'm in need?" I smirked once again.

"You'll call me and I'll do all the work don't you worry my little slut" he said  and huffed.

"Why do you call me your little slut?" I asked.

"Because your mine" he said and at the moment we both fell asleep.


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