Love me like its new

We'll hi there. My name is Melanie. I'm Justin's little fuck buddy, but nothing else just little fuckers. Justin has a little girlfriend his own,Selena and I have a boyfriend too which Justin, I don't know why but Justin hates him and Nolan hates him.

I feel kinda bad that we both cheat, but I just can't help it. Both me and Justin are horny for each other.


10. Ch-10

"No justin you always do this... Yet it always works but not this time" I said crossing my arms over my chest.

"Don't be like that baby" he said more like whining, crossing my hands off my chest.

"You always get your way but not today" I said locking my hands again over my chest.

"C'mon you know you want to" he said chuckling at the end.

"No I dont" I said in a whisper cause I knew I was lying.

"Don't lie to yourself Mel" he said putting both hands of his on my waist making me feel weaker everytime. Nolan doesn't have this kind of effect on me and even though I should stop doing what I'm doing with Justin, but I can't because Nolan doesn't make me feel this way.

He put both hands on my waist and me jump as he took that chance and put both of my legs on his waist carrying me upstairs.

"Ima put you down, all the way down" he whispered huskily on my ear. (Y'all saw what I did there?).

I just nodded my head not being able to speak out my word to him.

He started with my shorts, taking them of softly just to tease. After a while he managed to get us both naked.

"Are you ready for this?" He smirked my way.

"Yea-h" I moaned out.

He positioned himself in front of me slowly inside.

As he connected with me the pain started rushing in, I grabbed on the covers of the bed I mean the sheets and pressed my nails to them.

"You want me to stop?" He asked.

I shook my head and made sings for him to go on.

After a while the pain was over it all pleasure.

Justin stopped what he was doing and looked at me and then at Jerry.

He winked at me as I got the message of what he wanted for me to do.

I grabbed it on my hand and put it slowly on my mouth.

"Ahh yes" he moaned throwing Jerry down my throat.

I was full speed in Jerry.

"Ughh I didn't know you could do this ugh yess Melanie, don't stop bitch" he said pulling my hair.

"I won't baby calm down" I said sucking harder.

"Now it's my turn" he said flipping us over so now he was on top of me.

He pulled out two fingers and I knew exactly what he was going to do already.

He entered softly making me wet already. He went really deep inside making me moan even harder...

"Justin-I'm cu-" I started but it was too late I had already squinted out cum.

I looked down at the sheet and they has even more cum in another space.

"Had you Already cumed?" I asked smirking 


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