Let Me Be The One

Liliana needs to get away from family drama.
During her little getaway she meets some guys that will change her life dramatically,
good or bad? you find out.


9. Chapter 9

I woke up and my stomach was feeling better...I was in my room..I thought I was sleeping on Ashtons lap...What time is it..I looked at the clock seeing that it's 9 oh shit I'm late for the concert. I got off the bed but my stomach started hurting again oh no no I laid back on the bed and looked at the wall seeing a post it. 

"hey lovely don't worry about the concert I'll tell Harry your not feeling well..rest up.I might come by to see if your well -ash xx"

ugh..I stretched and laid on my bed..I grabbed my phone going on twitter seeing that theres a lot of one direction and 5sos fans wanting to follow me.Nope nope nope. 

"ugh my stomach hurts!"I screamed

"your awake now?" Sammy said popping in

"oh shit I thought your at the concert" She shook her head sitting next to me handing me a chocolate muffin and warm milk. I smiled and hugged her and rested my head on her shoulder.

"Oh yeah I h-" 

"Sammy..is it bad I'm still thinking of Jayden?" I cut Sammy off and she looked at me

"are you stupid? you have 2 hot guys coming after you and you think of that stupid cheater?!"

"I don't know I miss Jayden.."

"he was such a bastard towards you.....wait did you guys do it?" I looked at Sammy waiting for her to fall for it


"hahaha you idiot I'm still a virgin see" I said showing her my necklace,she calmed down rolling her eyes at me

"never do that which ever guy takes your virginity I'ma chop their dicks off then fry it and make a hot dog out of it then force the guy to eat it" 

"DAMN GIRL HOW DOES LUKE LIKE YOU?!" I yelled and Sammy started hitting me. I laughed and started to run around the house while she hits me with her shirt. 

"AHHHHH GO AWAY YOU CRAZY WOMEN!" I yelled running into the kitchen, I threw sugar at her and she continue to hit me

"stop! I'ma cry!" I yelled running near the door. she got closer and started laughing I screamed loudly and suddenly I felt something hit the back of my head hard.

"fuck!" I yelled

"oh shit I'm sorry" I fell to the floor holding the back of my head.

"UGH WHO THE FUCK" I opened my eyes seeing Harry,Luke,Ashton and Mike looking at me. Harry looked guilty in hitting me in the back of the head with the door. 

"are you okay?" I nodded as Ashton helped me up. 

"I heard you yell so I thought you guys were in trouble." Harry said.I sigh

"it's okay.." Sammy handed me a ice pack and I sat down on her lap laying on her while she gently puts the ice pack on the back of my head

"Luke she's mine" 

"No she's mine" Luke said sitting closer

"Nope nope she's my girlfriend" I said hugging Sammy

"well LC she's cheating on you with me"

"you guy aren't even dating"

"yeah we a-" Luke stopped himself and I turned around looking at Sammy


"I was going to" she said. I looked at her and pouted my lips. I got up and sat in between Ashton and Harry.

"Lets play truth or dare?" Mike suggested I nodded and so did everyone else.

why do i have a feeling this game is going to turn dirty.

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