Let Me Be The One

Liliana needs to get away from family drama.
During her little getaway she meets some guys that will change her life dramatically,
good or bad? you find out.


8. Chapter 8

"wait he said that?! he so likes you!!" Sammy said while painting my toe nails. I nodded and she opened her mouth and I fed her chips

"I don't know..I hope not"

"well that's going to suck for the both of them"

"wait...both of them...Ashton does not like me does he?!" Sammy nodded and I closed my eyes

"how do these boys fall so quickly? I'm so bleh and bleh I'm a fatass all I do is eat!" 

"LC you know damn well your hot and funny and nice..and I know for sure Ashton is falling for you..as for Harry not sure..but he sounds like he is to me. but I told Ashton you like taking things slow and don't fall easily..want me to try to talk to Harry?" 

"nah it's good..don't even know if he really likes me"

"but if he doe who would you pick?" I shrugged  and got off the bed. oh no.

"fuck what's todays date?" 

"14...oh your period.. pads and tampons are in the bathroom I'll go and buy you advils" I nodded and grabbed a pantie running into the bathroom. Ugh fuck my life.. I went into the shower and took a warm shower then I grabbed my towel wrapping it around me. I walked into my room  closing the curtains tot he window and dropped my towel. I  looked through the closet seeing  that I only had a push up bra left I hate push up bra.why did I even buy this in the beginning ugh. I put the bra on and then I heard the door to my room open I turned around seeing ashton. he  saw me and quickly close the door. I quickly grabbed a muscle tee and wore a sheen black legging and wore my shorts. I went out and Ashton sat there awkwardly. he looked up and quickly apologize

"um super sorry..Sammy said you were still in the bathroom so I thought you weren't in your room and she told me to put these in your room" Ashton said handing me some advil

"it's okay..I had my undergarments on so your fine" Ashton smiled and I sat down next to him opening the Advil. Ashton got up and came back handing me a glass of warm water. I took the advil and my stomach still hurts. ugh no no no no

"Are you okay?" I shook my head and rested my head on his shoulder. I grabbed the cushion hugging it.

"time of the month?" I nodded and Ashton hugged me.

"your warm. hey rub my belly" I said. he rested his hand on my stomach and started to rub.

"feeling better?" I nodded closing my eyes. 

"where's Sammy?"

'she went with Luke to buy you some warm drink from Starbucks." I smiled after hearing that and open my eyes seeing Ashton looking at me.

"i feel embarrassed and bad that you have to see this and rub my tummy" Ashton smiled

"it's okay,want me to make you some food?" I shook my head 

"here why don't you lie your head down on my lap" I nodded putting my head on his lap looking up at him and he continued to rub my belly. I closed my eyes and Ashton started to hum oooooo relaxing. After 10 minutes Ashton stop humming but I still had my eyes closed. 

"Why are you so pretty...." Ashton said and then I felt a kiss on my forehead..

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