Let Me Be The One

Liliana needs to get away from family drama.
During her little getaway she meets some guys that will change her life dramatically,
good or bad? you find out.


7. Chapter 7

I woke up hugging something that's fluffy..when did mr.teddy get this fluffy. i open my eyes seeing that I was hugging Harry

"Hi" he said. I stopped hugging him getting off the couch.

"We fell asleep on the couch last night?" He nodded,I got up and went to the bathroom to brush my hair and my teeth, washing my face. I went out smelling bacon

"oooooooooooooooooo i want i want" I yelled skipping to the kitchen. Harry smiled and I dug into the fridge taking out apple juice and grape juice

"apple or grape or orange?" Harry turned to look saying apple, I nodded putting the orange juice back pouring the apple juice for Harry and grape for me. 

"how many eggs do you want?"

"4" I said handing Harry 8 eggs just incase Harry wanted more than 2 eggs. 

"Harry sausages or nah?" Harry laughed at the way I said "or nah" and I handed him the sausages. he then turned around and made a duck face

"haha look at this" I said to Harry and stuck my tongue out pushing my nose up

"oink oink" I said and harry laughed and smiled widely and tiled his head batting his eyelashes. I stuck my tongue out and threw some sugar at Harry he then threw sugar back at me

"stop" I said laughing throwing back sugar at him. and we stopped. I then cleaned up the sugar off the floor and cabinets. I sat down on the table waiting for Harry to finish. I got bored and grabbed my phone going on instagram, I checked to see who wants to follow me oh its the boys from 5sos. I accepted it and followed them back. I then went to my insta DM's to see the pictures and saw something disgusting

"that disgusting bastard!" I said out loud, Harry looked at me and ask what was wrong I said nothing and checked the comment he made

"This new chick..is nothing like you ..I got hard thinking of you" I want to puke. ew this is nasty my ex literally sent a picture of his hard to me. Ew. 

"are you sure you look uncomfortable." Harry asked putting down the plates sitting next to me, I showed Harry the picture and he frowned he took my phone and typed something. I looked seeing him typing "fuck off MY GIRL you dirty bastard." He hit send and Harry gave me back the phone

"thanks but since when did I become your girl" I asked he looked at me and then looked at his food and started eating. 

I laughed and drank my grape juice. I then went on twitter seeing that ofcourse the boys followed me. 

"hey want to come to one of my concert tonight?" 

"nah..I'm good" 

"does my music suck that bad?" Harry asked looking at me.

"no..it's just ..promise me no paparazzi or your fans will get pictures of me?" Harry looked at me and nodded

"I promise you..I just want you to give my music a try" I nodded and he smiled..

"you know your really different from other girls..." 

"how?..you meet thousands" 

"something about you.......most girls would at first act cool and then when they just use me for their own career or popularity..and you..you don't want paparazzi or publicity..and I'm happy around you." 

"Wow..I don't know what to say...." I said looking at Harry and then looked down at my plate smiling. 


what if he does this to every other girl.

he isn't crushing..

it's not possible we just met yesterday.

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