Let Me Be The One

Liliana needs to get away from family drama.
During her little getaway she meets some guys that will change her life dramatically,
good or bad? you find out.


6. Chapter 6

"can I use the restroom?" Harry asked I nodded. and Harry told the driver to wait for him. We went into the building and I got into the elevator, I dug into the bag for the key Sammy gave me, found it. The elevator door opened and I got out going to the door. I opened the door and showed Harry the bathroom..

"Sammy!!!" I yelled..no one answered...I called her and she didn't answer..I heard the toilet flush and Harry walked out and looked at me

"where's Sammy?"

"not home y-" I was cut off by a text. I checked the text and it was from Sammy.. 

"She's not coming home tonight she's going to stay with the guys..and she wants me to go there that way I don't have to be alone"

"well..want me to tell the driver to bring you there?"

"no.....I want to stay here and eat like a fatass while catching up to shows..but I don't want to be alone"Harry looked at me and told me to wait saying he'll be back...He left and then 15minutes later he came back up with bags of snacks and smiled

"I'll watch it with you" I smiled and I started to set up. I poured the chips in the bowl and Harry was choosing a show or movie.. I poured the candy out too. I then went into the room Sammy as set up for me this morning before we left and grabbed the pillows and blankets. I put everything on the couch and went back into the kitchen grabbing the bowls and soda

I sat down putting everything down and Harry sat down next to me. 

"what are we watching?"

"some movie call Human Centipede looks scary"I looked at Harry 

"are you serious, that's not scary it's some gruesome movie!" 

"really? well want to watch something else then?" 

"eh......whatever I have you here" Harry smiled and continued the movie. I started to eat and watch the movie.

"OH MY GOSH PAUSE IT PAUSE IT PAUSE IT! " i screamed as they started to show the girls faces attached.

"ugh ewww!!" I said looking at the screen. 

"ewww" I groaned looking at Harry he looked at me and smiled a bit

"it's not funny that's so gross..imagine getting your face cut up like that and attached to someones ass"

"ew....if you were in that situation would you want to be the front,middle, or last" I looked at Harry and thought..I shrugged and continue sucking on my ice pop. I then asked him

"what would you pick?" Harry looked at me and thought about it

"the front...my face doesn't have to be cut up"

"yeah but you have someones faces sewed to your ass!" 

"true true...ugh how do they even act this out"  I shrugged and looked at the stick

"oh oh Harry why do the ghost never win races?"

"cause it's dead?" he answered, I quickly sucked and bit the ice pop. 

"OOOOO brain freeze" I said closing my eyes , Harry laughed and I looked at the stick

"because they are always dead tired....wow that sucked" Harry laughed and then looked at me

"knock knock"

"who's there?" I replied

"the cow goes"

"the cow goes who?'

"no the cow goes moo" I laughed

"that was terrible" Harry laughed 

"well atleast it got you laughing" I smiled...he's so sweet!

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