Let Me Be The One

Liliana needs to get away from family drama.
During her little getaway she meets some guys that will change her life dramatically,
good or bad? you find out.


5. Chapter 5

"oh my gosh..Oh my gosh.." I said in excitement. I stopped walking to hug Harry

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HELPED ME MEET MATT,ROSS,ADAM AND GEORGE!" I yelled hugging him even harder. Harry laughed and hugged me back. 

"What a productive day today! met you and the members of 5sos and 1975 this is awesome!!!" Harry smiled and I continued to rant..

"oh oh and the part where Luke did the high note today was amazing! and Matt he looks so fucking sexy up close." 

"Don't forget the part where he sang every note perfectly!" 

"I know Oh my gosh it's just so ugh so hot!! remember how that girl threw a bra at Matt and Matt threw it back" Harry laughed..I then stopped walking

"where are we?"

"i have no idea...guess we were so caught up we didn't realize"

"I'm surprise we didn't get run over..after all this is new york" Harry nodded and looked around for a cab. 

"OH MY GOSH HARRY!" A girl said running towards us.

"excuse me for a moment" Harry said to me and looked at the girl who was still running over, he smiled at her and she asked for pictures and stuff. she then turned the camera over to me but I move behind Harry covering myself

"Harry I don't like when random people take pictures of me" I tiptoed and whispered into his ear. he nodded and asked her politely to not take pictures of me. the girl nodded and put away her phone I stop hiding my face in Harry's shoulder and gave the girl a weak smile.

"Harry do you get use to that?"

"yeah..and I have too..I only hate it when they mob me but I'm also scared for the ones that get trampled. I nodded and then Harry saw a taxi and called it over. I got into the car with him 

"where do you live?"

"um..." I took out my phone going to Sammy and looked at her address showing Harry. he told the taxi driver Sammy's address

"you live with Sammy?"

"really....if you don't mind me asking what did your parents do to piss you off"

"it's a long story"

"We have a long ride" Harry said 

"well my parents are really busy they travel a lot..and I'm always left alone at home..I know I made sound childish for being piss at them for not spending time with me but they never spend time with me..their so busy with work they forgot about my birthday and christmas..I have to celebrate all those alone..by myself and it's the worst feeling ever...I just hate being alone.they didn't even come to my high school graduation..it's suppose to be the day where their proud of me.....and celebrate that I've finally grown up and gonna go onto uni..but no their job always come before me" I said biting the inside of my lip. I then felt a tear drop rolling down my cheek. Harry gave me a tissue and hugged me

"I'm sorry I get emotional when I talk about them" 

"it's okay" Harry said rubbing my back

"don't you have siblings?"

"them too..job job job job job my parents are more proud of them than me i'm nothing to them 

"don't say that..your not nothing...just remember even if your nothing to them your something to other people..your Sammy's best friend.and your the girl I would love to get to know more about" I smiled at  what Harry said and pulled away from the hug. 

but did he just say that he would like to get to know me more...

does he seriously have a crush on me already ._.

no no no he's harry styles he probably just wants to know more about me in a friend way

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