Let Me Be The One

Liliana needs to get away from family drama.
During her little getaway she meets some guys that will change her life dramatically,
good or bad? you find out.


4. Chapter 4

"BAM I WIN!"I yelled as the boys and Sammy tried to rush to finish their meal. 

"It's not fair it's human versus a pig!" Sammy said frowning sticking her tongue out at me. I stuck my tongue back at her and smiled

"what's my prize!!" I said smiling. Sammy looked at me and then flicked my head

"ow!!!" I whined. Sammy smiled and hugged me.

"here want a kiss?" Harry said..I looked at him was this a joke or is he serious........

"on the cheek" I answered he smiled and kissed me on the cheek. 

"I want to give you a kiss on the cheek too!" Ashton said and kissed me on the other side of my cheek. I smiled looking at Sammy and she had the biggest smirk on. Oh no.

"Hey Sammy you gonna finish that?" I asked looking at her food

"how can you still eat" Harry asked in disbelief. i smiled as Sammy handed me her plate

"food food food food"

"my bestfriend is a pig...unlike everyone else her closet if full of food not clothes" I stuck my tongue out at Sammy and continue to eat the food yummy

"you're so adorable" Ashton said I smiled at him and continue to eat.

"I'ma go to the restroom..LC come with me"

"why do you ladies always go together can't you guys go alone?" Luke asked

"psh we could get rape" I answered the boys looked at each other and gave us a weird look. I stuck my tongue out and followed Sammy. When we got inside Sammy checked the stalls to makesure no one was in here

"they so like you!"

"what no they just met me!"

"come on don't play stupid you know how they were acting towards you. when I first met Ashton and Harry they didn't  ask to kiss my cheek" I looked at her and sigh, i looked at myself in the mirror.

"which one would you give a chance to?" Sammy asked smiling at me

"which ever one has the biggest dick" I said laughing and Sammy smacked me

"you dirty girl!"

"i'm kidding I'm kidding you know I'm not like that" 

"I know I know..hey want to come hang out with us at the boys hotel or you want to go back to my apartment and sleep?"

"um I'm actually going to a concert with Harry" Sammy raised her eyebrows smirking at me.

"shut up women!" 

"your boobs got bigger so did your ass.so jealous"

"ew no these boobs I hate them so heavy. this ass ew so many guys starring at me I just hate that" 

"well stop being fucking sexy!" I laughed and we left the bathroom going back to the table.

"LC lets go" Harry said I nodded and dug into my bag taking out my wallet taking cash out and Harry stopped me

"the boys and I already paid." 

"I hate it when people pay for me take the money" I said looking at the boys and they refused. 

"guys!" I said standing there. Harry sighed taking the money. I smiled and Harry shook his head, we left the cafe and started to walk.

"you don't like using others people money do you?" Harry asked looking at me, I shook my head

"nope I hate it when people pay for me"

"but if it's your boyfriend and he wants to spoil you"

"well..I'll accept little gifts but never a expensive gift.." Harry nodded smiling. 

"you know I like you...your not like most girls"He said smiling at me..ooo okay he's hot

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