Let Me Be The One

Liliana needs to get away from family drama.
During her little getaway she meets some guys that will change her life dramatically,
good or bad? you find out.


3. Chapter 3

"Hi Ash and what's your name" Harry asked approaching us.

"call me LC" I said giving him a weak smile and then looked at Ashton waiting for him to continue to teach me how to play the cajon.

"oooo yay am i doing it am i doing it right" I said as I learned a few tricks. Ashton and Harry nodded smiling at me.

"Boys we have to let them in now" a guy said the boys nodded and Sammy and Harry lead me to the side. 

"LC you're not a fan of mine are you?" I shook my head. 

"I could tell...most people would have told me their my fans...you don't like my music?" 

"nope..not really interested..." 

"what kind of music do you like?" 

"like alternative and um indie rock" he nodded and then we watched as people started to come in

"do you like 1975?" Harry asked, I nodded

"I love them! I'm so mad though I haven't seen them live yet every time I try to get tickets it's always sold out!" 

"well would you like to come with me tonight? I actually have 2 tickets but one of my friend bailed so I have a extra."

"dude your lying! oh my gosh thank you!!" I said hugging him. Music started playing and I actually like them

"their good right?" Sammy said looking at Luke smiling. Luke look over looking at Sammy and smiled too. 

"okay can you guys stop being so cute." I said to Sammy and she smiled hugging me. I sat down on one of the boxes with Harry. I took out my phone going on instagram. 

"Sammy take a picture with me!" Sammy leaned back and rested her head on my shoulder and stuck her tongue out.I smiled and then Harry stuck his head in the shot sticking his tongue out.

"pretty picture!!!! send it to me!" Sammy said. I nodded and uploaded the picture first tagging Sammy. i then followed Harry on instagram and tagged him in the picture. 

"Whats your instagram? oh and send the picture to me too" Harry said, giving me his phone, I gave him my phone and we exchanged each others number. i pressed the instagram app typed in my name and hit follow. I went back on mine and hit accept for harry to follow me. Harry send himself the picture.

"For a while we pretended that we never had to end it" Sammy sang along with Luke. their not bad. After a while their show was over and the boys were finally done.

"wait wait I want a group picture too!" I said, this guy walked over smiling and offered to take the picture..I learned that his name was Cal. i gave him my phone and so did everyone else. 

"wait I want to do the pyramid!" Sammy said and the boys quickly got to the floor. Luke and Sammy were in the middle

"oh no watch us all fall she's heavy!" Sammy said. I stuck my tongue out at her and climbed on Luke to get to the top. i got on and we smiled

"UGH LC YOUR HEAVY!" Sammy yelled and I suddenly fell on top of Harry. we all looked at each other and laughed

"look at this" Cal said showing us the picture of the pyramid and then the picture where we all collapse and laughing.

"I like this one it makes us look so happy" Mike said

"oh look it looks like their having sex" Calum said pointing at me and Harry since I was on top of Harry

"you dirty mind!" I said smacking him at his arm. Calum laughed and I looked at Harry who was smiling at me.

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