Let Me Be The One

Liliana needs to get away from family drama.
During her little getaway she meets some guys that will change her life dramatically,
good or bad? you find out.


2. Chapter 2

 I looked at the mirror and looked at my clothes I was wearing a black tanktop with a baggy denim short and black laced leggings with a black combat boot. I grabbed my duf fle bag and waited for Sammy to finish. She came out wearing a navy blue floral strap dress with a long burgundy knit cardigan.

"Here just incase it gets cold" she said tossing me a cardigan that was like hers but in black. I put it on and she grabbed my bag then we left the apartment. 

"starbucks first or?" 

"ofcourse starbucks first!" I said she laughed and told the driver which starbucks. When we got there people were starring at us . Sammy grabbed my hand and I took a sip of my starbucks looking at all these girls giving us envy looks. 

I look to the direction where Sammy was bringing me we were walking near the front of the line when suddenly I heard someone call Sammy's name. Sammy turned around and a girl came to us and she smiled

"I am such a big fan of yours! your so pretty I love all those pictures you post on your instagram your even prettier in person" Sammy smiled and the girl asked for a picture. Sammy is instagram famous ofcourse for her looks and as for me I make sure I keep my private life private. The girl then looked at me and she smiled

"your LC i recognize you from Sammy's pictures! your's so pretty! I'm jealous of both of you! can I get a picture?" Sammy nodded and I shrugged and took a picture with the girl. she then left and I looked at Sammy

"that's so weird..I will never get use to that."

"LC shut up most people beg and dream to be in your position your dad is hollywoods famous director,stand up comedian and Tv Host and your mom is a world wide actress,singer and sex symbol. your brothers are hot and famous actors and your sister she's a famous designer and a VS angel !" 

"And I'm good the way I am...I hate the shit their doing it's so annoying..travel travel travel they leave me all alone at home..I spend christmas and my birthday without them for so many times ! it sucks!" I said and Sammy patted my back knowing I'm about to break down

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to"

"it's okay...I'm just too sensitive when talking about them." Sammy gave me a weak smile and then we walked to the front of the line near the entrance.

"shouldn't we wait at the back of the line?"

"Girl did I forget to mention I'm actually talking to one of the members from 5sos?" Sammy said..she then showed the security guy a pass and said that I was with her, he let told us where to go. He handed Sammy the pass we went inside and I heard boo's

"Did they just..boo'd us?" I asked, Sammy nodded

"their just mad we get to get inside" I nodded and followed Sammy. I heard music and saw 4 guys on stage doing sound check..the guy with colored hair looked at us and said Hi to Sammy.. The guy with blonde hair stopped focusing on his guitar and looked up at Sammy.he ran down and hugged sammy.oh okay..guess this is the guy she's talking to 

"Guys meet my bestfriend LC, LC this is Luke,michael,calum and Ashton" I said hi to all of them and after a while of talking to them. I stopped to go to the little bar at the corner asking for water.

I then took the drink and went up to the stage looking at the instruments..I sat down on a cajon..how the hell do I play this

"hey no one goes near my cajon!" I looked up seeing Ashton standing there smiling at me

"I'm sorry" I said getting up but he stopped me 

"I was kidding..you know how to play?" i shook my head

"want me to teach you?"

"sure..but I'm not a fast learner just warning you" I said smiling, Ashton smiled back and he was replying to me

"it's eas-"

"LOOK WHO FINALLY ARRIVED" Ashton was cut off by the Michael screaming.I looked up seeing a pair of green eyes looking at me.

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