Let Me Be The One

Liliana needs to get away from family drama.
During her little getaway she meets some guys that will change her life dramatically,
good or bad? you find out.


1. Chapter 1

"Darling please come home.where are you? we promise you we'll be home more often..and let you have more freedom..let you listen to whatever music you desire and wear what you want please come home!"

"nope nope I'm getting my break no matter what.Mom after this call I'ma shut this phone off completely" My mum was saying something back but I hung up. I shut the phone off and grabbed a pin to take the sim card out. I then placed a new one and placed the old one in my wallet..I turned my phone back on and the door to the bathroom opened it was my bestfriend,Sammy

"what did your mom say?"

"Begged my to go home...said no and hung up" Sammy sighed sitting down at the edge of the bed handing me a ice pack. I looked at her and she sat closer taking the ice pack out of my hand and gently pressed it on the bruise.

"I'm sorry about this..it's just..I'm a nineteen year old university student living in a apartment in brooklyn new york of course I'd attack someone that's climbing in my window at niether did I know that my best friend was running away from home to come here to nyc to visit me" I pouted my lips

"next time give me a call or like a normal human go ring the door bell!" she said pressing the ice pack a bit harder.

"I wanted to give you a surprise I thought you would be sleeping!" she shook her head and smiled. I looked around her apartment..it's really neat and small,nothing compared to her parents house

"your use to this?" I said looking around,I looked back at her and she nodded

"I am, You know after I moved here I started realizing how much of a spoiled bitch I was back in California. I realize how much shit I didn't really needed." I looked at her nodding..

"you matured"

"your going to too...so how are things going between you and Jayden?" She asked I looked at her and raised my eyes then sigh..

"he broke up with me."

"why?" she asked looking like she was ready to fly back to california to beat him up

"he cheated on me" 

"no" she said in disbelief. I nodded and gave her a little smile

"with who?!" 

"some slut thats a model,and look decent." 

"what the fuck. I'ma kill him when I see his ass.ugh I want to punch him when was this why didn't you tell me?!"

"well it was yesterday..before I left to new york..I went over to his house to tell him and I saw him kissing the chic..I recognize her from a website of models."  Sammy took a deep breath and hugged me

"I'm sorry baby girl.......go take a shower and change I'ma take you to a concert"

"this early? what kind of concert?"

"it's a show...the band is call 5 seconds of summer"

"hm the name sounds familiar"

"they open up for one direction"

"wow okay no wonder you retweet them all the time..you know I don't like one directions type of music"

"i know but give 5 seconds of summer a try ! their really good..they have this punk rock type of vibe well atleast they try hard to be punk rock plus their hot their all hot" I sighed getting up going to the bathroom knowing either way if i said yes or no I'm still being forced to go, 

here goes nothing.

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