Poems I've written about how I was feeling at the time.


2. I stare, cry, think and die.

I stare, cry, think and die. 


I stare, constantly stare out of a non transparent window. 
Blinded by my tears. 
Blinded by my hate.
Blinded by life. 
I cry, constantly cry while I stare out of my non transparent window. 
Fighting my fears. 
Fighting my hate. 
Fighting my life. 
I think, constantly think while I cry and stare out of my non transparent window.
Forgetting the years. 
Forgetting my hate.
Forgetting my life. 
I die, constantly die while i think, cry and stare out my non transparent window. 
No-one sees my tears. 
No-one sees my hate. 
No-one sees me. 
I am dead.

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