Drop Dead || CreepyPasta Fanfic

"It was supposed to be the best night of my life..."

Eyeless Jack is terribly sick, and badly injured. Although he is inhuman, he won't be able to recover from this...

Little Eyeless won't have it. It's not time yet. But what is he going to do to save his brother?


3. The Morning After


   It was cool and misty the morning after, a cool mist slowly flowed through the woods around the pale manor. It glazed by the glass on the panes ever so slowly, leaving behind strange patterns on the windows. Sitting there in a simple oak chair with deep green cushions the Slenderman took stock of the situation. Before him on the nearby sofa unconscious was the younger member of the Slendermanor; Eyeless Junior, the lesser known little brother of Eyeless Jack, the prolific kidney eater. The youth was passed out, his body bandaged as he had somehow sustained actual wounds, something that disturbed the Slenderman deeply. 

   More disturbing however, was the case of the older Eyeless laying down in the next room, his chest and face had strange burns upon them, looking like a strange affliction that seemed to be poisoning the youth. Indeed that banishment incantation was not of a normal nature.

   "Are the humans actually developing supernatural countermeasures to us?" he pondered to himself. He was aware that there were groups of human who were hunting them in secret however, until now, in all his years of existence on this plain of existence, he'd never encountered a supernaturally based countermeasure. "This is highly disturbing."

   "Sir?" came the slightly timid voice of one of his proxies. "I've returned with some news on last night's....incident."

   "Ah yes...come in, Timothy" Slenderman calmly spoke into his mind. "Come and show me what you'e found."

   There was a brief exchange between the two figures, more along the lines of Slenderman placing his hand upon the masked lad to which he seemed to delve into the proxy's mind, extracting the information as if cautious to the fear certain someones could be eavesdropping. Finally after about five minutes of silence, there was a pause and then the Slenderman spoke in his eerie telepathic tone.

   "Thank you, Timothy, you have done well," He got up, softly striding to the window of his space, looking out into the thick, wild and mangled trees of the Dark Forest around the manor, the enshrouding fog added to the mood of the manor; somber, almost oppressive considering the matter at hand involving the Eyeless siblings. 

   "S-sir?" the masked Proxy asked. "Is there...anything else I can do for this? I... want to be of service in any way I can, to help E.J. get better." *he seemed to flinch ever so slightly as the Slenderman almost whipped around.

   "Yes, I need you and hoodie to research anything you can on the matter," he seemed energized, as if he had an epiphany of some nature. "Anything involving these holy words that have inflicted our Eyeless." 

   "What shall you do, sir?" 

   "I, well, I thought that self evident, child," he looked at Masky, and though he was faceless, the proxy could almost see a slight expression of mixed joy and somberness upon him. "I must go to Eyeless Junior, and...begin to brief him on inheriting his brother's position in case all else fails...and... well, we'll have to summon Ben and Laughing Jack as they can help us I imagine."


   It had been a long time since either Ben or Laughing Jack had been by the manor, as it was shortly after the arrival of Eyeless Junior that they took off. Slenderman never told any of the manor as to why they left just that they were going to be away for a while but would return in a while. Masky was innately curious as to what his master could be doing, and moreover where his "friends" had gone. 

   "Funny," he thought to himself, "I haven't seen either of them in a while, it's been kind of quiet to not hear Ben playing and hacking the videogames down in the den or Laughing Jack cackling in his room as he created new methods of luring and killing victims of his sick and twisted carnival, clowny pleasures. Still, even Jeff hadn't been as annoying as he normally could be around the others and he and Hoodie in particular. 

   "Well regardless," he thought to himself, "Master knows what he is doing so, I can only do as he's instructed and not let myself become distracted with worry."


    The Slenderman was in the basement, looking through his various collections, searching for the cursed cartridge of Majora's Mask from which he could summon BEN. Slender made a policy soon after certain proxies arrived to hand over their source items for safe keeping. The "Source Item" as Slender referred to them was in basic premise, whatever tool, memento, or object the various proxies and killers had first come into being with, as their souls and essence was, at least in Under Realm theory, bound in some way to these devices and, as long as the items were intact, the killers and proxies could not be truly killed. 

   "Now where in the seven gates of Hades is that infernal thing?" the Slenderman grumbled quietly as he rummaged around. Things had been moved around lately as many proxies, killers and the likes came and went between the Slender Manor and the Under Realm; in the process, leaving things behind or bringing things home and soon the manor had become for lack of better words, cluttered. 

   "Ah, there you are!" *He chuckled softly as he retrieved the cartridge, examining it softly as he returned to the den above, where he met with annoyance. The N64 BEN left out there was gone. "Now that is a bit annoying, I seem to be misplacing many things of late, now then...where could it have gone? *He moved in silence to where it had been, touching the spot with a tentacle to get a connection to the taken object.

   "Ah I see, Eyeless Junior took it to his room, I wonder why though? " He knew Eyeless Junior was still asleep on the sofa upstairs so he faced a dilemma, should he wake the sleeping boy or just go into his space. "Hmm, the brothers were known to trap their room because of Jeff so, perhaps...I should wake him?" He pondered, walking up the stairs, pausing between the spaces as he wondered exactly what the future held for the brothers Eyeless. 

   "So much for the morning after the hunt then," the Slenderman sighed. "I better wake the lad." And with that he cracked the door back to the room in which the youth slept. "Eyeless Junior, are you awake?"

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