Drop Dead || CreepyPasta Fanfic

"It was supposed to be the best night of my life..."

Eyeless Jack is terribly sick, and badly injured. Although he is inhuman, he won't be able to recover from this...

Little Eyeless won't have it. It's not time yet. But what is he going to do to save his brother?


2. Introduction

It was supposed to be the best night of my life.


Jack had taken me on my first killing spree. It was going to define my character and who I am in the world, a right of passage from an innocent no one to a bloodthirsty insane murderer. Of course, to be big you have to start small. We had travelled across the globe to Romania to visit a small village in the country. Beforehand we planned this for days on end, with no sleep. Our plan was close to perfect. Close.


I packed only two things: a dull kitchen knife and a bat. I needed to be quiet, and pack lightly; besides, I thought I’d like a slow torturous death instead of the usual quick and sudden slit to the neck and you’re done. Jack said that it the wiser and funner choice. And because I was so busy with my thoughts, the night came quicker than expected. We stood before the village, my heart pounding so hard in my chest I’m fairly sure it could have woken up a sleeping city.I breathed in and out continuously, trying to calm myself, but I was too excited. Jack looked at me and nodded quickly, dashing in front of me. I followed suit, a little dizzy from the adrenaline. We entered one house, it was small cute and very welcoming. We heard annoyingly loud snoring coming from behind one of the doors and snickered to each other. I creeped behind Jack while he opened it, and laying on the bed was a young couple, probably just married; I could tell by the way they were both clinging so desperately to each other and bundled up naked under the blankets. Holding back a chuckle, I take off my mask and walk calmly next to the girl’s bedside.




“My dearest love” he called to me, gently taking my from my sleep and into a daze that felt like honey, almost too sweet and thick. I opened my eyes and looked upon his face, though my vision blurry I could still make out his devastatingly handsome face that I love more than anything in the world. “Come with me and eat, lovely.” I rolled to the side of the bed, putting my feet on the ground and stood up. I leaned into him, wrapping my arms weakly around his neck and he embraced me, pulling me into him. I went deeper into my state of trance when his arms tightened around me, sending sweet and happy endorphins. “I love you my dearest.” He whispered into my ears before leading me to the dining room outside our chambers. Flashes of last night swam through my vision, causing me to stagger and become drunk on the feeling it left. I could hear his chuckle faintly in the distance as he could tell what I was thinking of. “Why, that was a night, and what a night indeed.” Lowering his mouth next to my ear, he whispered, “I bet you two humped like wild rabbits.” That was when I was slowly leaving my daze… this was not my husband. A sort of terrifying but settling feeling had come over me; he was a total stranger, but he was wickedly handsome and his voice had been so coaxing, much like my own lover’s. I couldn’t help but stare at him, not noticing his big and harmfully rough hands on my neck until my breath was knocked out of me-----




Her neck snapped faster than I intended for it to. I had almost no pleasure from it, hearing the bones snap quickly under my grip even though I hadn’t even tried to break them yet; however, her beautiful organs made up for it. I quickly dropped to my knees and took out my knife, cutting into her skin from just above her pelvis straight up the middle .I could just hear her insides sloshing against each other inside, and her sweet blood called to me. Oh my god, I couldn’t control myself! I dove straight in, grabbing the closest thing inside her and dined like the gods wanted. I couldn’t explain how much I enjoyed myself as I ate everything inside her. It was almost too much for me, I was oversensitized. When I was done, I looked up to my brother Eyeless Jack looking down at me, my mask in his hand. I could tell he was smiling behind his own mask. “Come, this is only the beginning.” I got up and took my mask, hiding my face as we left the house. Leaving the house, I heard loud chanting to my right. Before I could tell what happened I was pushed back; Jack stood in front of me with his arms out, and he snarled loudly, unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. From behind I watched him fall, a cross mark burn on his mask, so deep it blazed his forehead. So many thoughts had crossed my mind, yelling at me to run for it but I was in a daze. I had no idea what was going on, until I looked up to see a man dressed in the whitest robes I had ever seen. Holding a cross in his hand that was practically on fire, he was praying in a language I never heard of before, when he spoke in English he revoked Jack and me and tried casting us out like demons. I couldn’t move, but he kept coming closer and closer until he was right in front of me. Everything inside me nearly boiled and I was in the sharpest pain I could ever imagine and worse, I couldn’t explain it. Then, all I saw was black. I was more than relieved as I saw my favourite faceless nightmare. SlenderMan had come in to save us.


It was supposed to be the best night of my life.

Instead it was the worst thing to ever happen to me.

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