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The story of zayn and Perrie Btw this is made up!! Don't believe it because it's fan fiction!! Just read it like anyother… Anyway Perrie meets the love of her life but will it last? And will Perrie find another or will she keep begging??…


2. the day…

"OMFG as if 1D are coming today!" Said Jade Thirwall, her best friend. "I can't wait to meet liam!". "I'm quite exited to talk to Zayn!" Said Perrie; "I'm going to just like um…" before Perrie could say ANYTHING, Niall walked into the school fence. "Umm, have you seen umm y_h_n (your head teachers name) "umm…" Perrie stumbled "y-yeah in t-the co-corridor" mumbled Perrie in shock. "Thanks darl" replied niall walking away. Next, Zayn walked in, Perries heart was beating really fast now, the same with zayn. Perrie carefully said : " umm h-hi I-I'm p-Perrie and I u-umm love u-um y-you" "back at ya" said zayn "you're really nice!, how are y-you? Zayn asked "I-I'm fine" said Perrie, "can i have you auto please?" Asked Perrie "sure, anything for a beautiful fan"

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