Her Diary

(This book is filled with different dates)

March 17, 2011

My phone keeps getting unknown calls but I know it's him. I tried to decline them but he keeps calling. I don't know how much longer I can go. I haven't even told Zayn yet and he's my best friend. I don't know what the stalker wants with me but he's starting to scare me and I don't know what he's going to do to me.

I know who he is but I can't let anyone know if I do tell anyone which I probably won't because he'll find out and probably hurt me more than he use to. I wish Zayn still lived next door so I could stay over at his house but he doesn't anymore and the only time I see him is at school. I hope I can find a way to tell Zayn without him knowing.

Megan S.


3. More And More

Zayn P.O.V

I opened her drawer and removed the shit that was in my way.

I pulled out a spiral notebook. I opened it to see it was full of her notes from Mr. Jones' math class.

I kept flipping through until something caught my eye.

"January 10, 2011

"Mr. Jones' just got finish reviewing last week's lesson. I seriously hate this class. I just got finish with my notes and thought while he was finishing his lesson, I should write to you, so I am.

"Anyways Diary, Zayn sits right in front of me in math and I am longing to tell him but I can't. I feel horrible for not doing so but he's always watching Diary. Always

Okay, back to Zayn. Britney or shall I say, Bitchy Britney always flirts with Zayn and it makes me want to stab her with my ballpoint pen. I had another nightmare last night.

"I was playing golf with Taylor and all of the sudden, I saw Zayn's lips attached to Britney's. I ran over to her, pulled her off and beat her with my wedge.

"She got up and walked over to Taylor. She whispered something in her ear and Taylor giggled. She looked and laughed at me. Zayn did too.

"He placed his lips back to Britney's then I awoken. I don't get it Diary. What did they find out? Will they find out in the future?"

I flipped through more pages to see this was the only one. I sighed and dug into her drawer for more. Who was out to get her? What did she not want us to know?

I finally pulled out a stapled packet of notebook paper. It was more diary entries.

I read the first one.

February 28, 2011

"He sent me another letter. I plan to staple it behind a few of my diary entries. Well, Diary, he's starting to freak me out now. He's always there even if I can't see him, he's there.

"I ran into Jasmine and her younger sister Tina today. Her sister is so cute. I wish mine still lived with me but sadly, she doesn't. She lives the married life with her daughter, Destiny and her husband, Brandon.

"It really worries me how Rachel doesn't have a clue about my secret diary. If she were still living here in Bradford, she would know but nope, she lives in Texas which is in the States.

"I really don't need to mention my secret because I've already told you in past entries but I shouldn't tell you or anyone. I can't trust anyone, not even my best friend Zayn.

"I hope no one knows anything about it because then he will find out Diary and that's not good."


I stared at the paper and then flipped it to see the letter she mentioned.


"February 28, 2011 8:36 in the evening

"Dear My Beloved Megan,

"I've been watching you babe. I'm watching you while writing this.

"I see you writing in your notebook, hair in a ponytail, with your black Tshirt.

"I will one day take you away from this.


All I know so far is his name starts with an L.

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