Red Light, Green Light...

Mel is a 14 year old girl living only with her brother Harry and her sister Gemma. Harry is out a lot and Gemma doesn't exactly enjoy being alone with Mel, but when Mel follows Harry one day, what will she do...they have her bestfriend.


4. C4

He's making me trust him! But he's so dreamy...I want to trust him! Oh Mel you idiot! He just wants you to take off your clothes, nothing more!

"I'm not like the others, I will get you out of here, I swear,"

He has a way with words, I'm not gonna trust him. I won't, I won't!


Why did I say that! Why am I doing this!


*2 days later*

I was wrong about Louis, he is kind and kept me in his room, he kept me safe from the others, he brought me feasts fit for royals, clothes, anything I wanted.

"Mel! Quick they are coming! I will hide you in a room...."

He led me to the fourth rusty door. I was not wrong about Louis Tomlinson.

I was forced in and the door was slammed shut on me. I heard sobs in the corner. The skinniest creature was there, was it a person? She looked up at me, bags under her eyes and greasy hair. She was dirty and looked like of she didn't eat for an hour more, she would be a skeleton. Only when I walked closer did I realise, this creature was my best friend.

Hannah was there, Hannah was crying, Hannah was holding something.

"Mel, Mel they got me pregnant! They groomed me and I am." She cried in between gasps.

Oh my gosh.

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