Red Light, Green Light...

Mel is a 14 year old girl living only with her brother Harry and her sister Gemma. Harry is out a lot and Gemma doesn't exactly enjoy being alone with Mel, but when Mel follows Harry one day, what will she do...they have her bestfriend.


3. C3

Carefully, I pushed the door and crept inside silently. The first door was metal, rusty and orange. As was the second, third, fourth and fifth door. These doors were on the right side of the long corridor. The five doors on the right hand side were all shiney, new, glazed wooden doors. I saw through the first, an office. Empty.

I crept in and saw a board.

-this is what we must tell the captives to do-

Groom the girls so they trust us

Give them everything they want

-once they trust you-

Put them in a room with a girl or boy

Make them please you and you may watch them

Have sex or whatever you would like

You may use the whips and other items provided in the draws/storage units in the room.

Make them touch you, touch themselves or whatever you desire

Order them to call you master or your chosen title


Oh my gosh, Han is in a sex slavery unit!

Someone hears me and rushes in, I dash under the table and curl into a ball, I was so scared!

I tightly pull my eyes together and a hand touches my leg, I quiver at their cold touch.

"You can trust me, I won't hurt you."

He says, his strong accent whispers,

It's Louis.

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