Red Light, Green Light...

Mel is a 14 year old girl living only with her brother Harry and her sister Gemma. Harry is out a lot and Gemma doesn't exactly enjoy being alone with Mel, but when Mel follows Harry one day, what will she do...they have her bestfriend.


2. C2

Wow, end of school and I haven't seen Hannah yet...I'm very worried...

I dial up Hannah's cell and it go's to answering machine.

"Hey Han, it's me. Everyone is wondering where ya are! Tia has a strange idea... Is it weird I think you HAVE moved to Vegas? Anyways get back to me ASAP, love ya Han!"

Immediately I got a phonecall.. From Hannah?

"Mel?! I don't care what everyone thinks, come save me!"

"Hannah, what's going on!?"

Suddenly I hear a door open from the other side of the call.

"Hey? What's ya doin with ya phone you lil -"

I was hung up on! That voice was so familiar! I just can't- wait... Zayn Malik...

I looked at the traffic lights and waited for the green man. I swear something was moving around in it... Oh well, probably a fly?

I looked closer. There was something moving in every light on every set of traffic lights! Wait, is that a camera? There was a strip of yellow tape on the bottom, I saw it on afew places before, I followed the tape, where was I headed?


•text from HanBear•

don't follow the tape!!!!


Can she see me or something? Wait...the lights have cameras and-

I stopped, a car whizzed past and nearly hit me! I then saw a was black, metal and rimmed itself with peeling yellow tape.

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