Mismatched (Niall Horan)

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❝They say that opposites attract, but is it really true? Niall and I are two different people. Different in so many ways.

Different. Mismatched. Opposite.❞

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4. Walmart and Winning

My eyes groggily opened as I forced myself awake. I yawned; stretching my arms above my head and plopping back into bed, frowning slightly as I tried to fall asleep again. But I quickly bounced back up as I was hit with the realization that I was going to London.


Just the sound of it made my heart do a doubletake and my stomach burst into butterflies. Going to London was something I’ve wanted to do since I was a little girl. If I could live anywhere, my first choice would be London.

Quite frankly, I silently wished that I went to Oxford University instead. No offense, MIT, I still love you!

But London is so unique, with the beautiful structures and the way people talked in a English accent. Oh gosh, I love English accents and someday, I want to adapt it by living in an area of Great Britain.

   London.. I thought, grinning and burying my face into my pillow. 

“Emma, get up! There’s breakfast on the table.” My mom yelled from downstairs.

My stomach grumbled with hunger, momentarily distracting me from my happy train of thought, so I grabbed my slippers and scrambled down the stairs eagerly. My mom was wearing a robe, sitting down. She was scrolling down on her phone, reading the news or something, and drinking coffee, like an average business mom would do.

I spotted a plate filled with eggs and bacon shining and literally glittering with flavor, as if it was taunting me to come eat it. And I gladly gave up to go gobble it all up.

“How was yesterday?” I asked in between mouthfuls of delicious bacon, while occasionally sipping apple juice. She looked up through her glasses and smiled.

“Same as always. Work.” She droned. “And you? Where were you? I haven’t seen you at all yesterday.”

I nodded with acknowledgement, “I got the letter from that gameshow a couple months ago, telling me I was accepted.”

My mom sat up straight, flashing me a smile as I continued to explain.

“They told me I’m going tomorrow. Apparently, some people don't understand the meaning of a late notice.” I groaned. Describing the scene gave me the feeling that I was reliving the same event over again.

“You should go then. Every summer, you end up here and I have to feed you animals a bunch of food.”

“Gee, thanks, Mom. That totally made me feel a lot better.” I chuckled, glancing down at my now empty plate. 

It was true, I guess. A lot of my mother’s money went into our food collection money.

My mother went upstairs to wake up James. I could hear her shouting in his ears while he complained he needed to get his beauty sleep. Beauty sleep, that’s a bunch of crap. More like bratty sleep. I laughed at their daily argument in the morning.

After my mom came down, James slumped towards us, dragging his feet like a zombie.

I almost stifled a laugh, commenting, “Charming.”

His hair was a mess, flipped over to one side as his shoulders were lopsided. Bags were under his eyes, adding to his 'undead' look. He playfully glared at me, stretching out his arms and hanging his mouth open. He began to shuffle towards me, groaning like a zombie. I laughed and swatted him away, still moaning, to the coffee machine, where he gladly made and drank a cup of coffee.

“Emma, we’re going somewhere today with the boys, since it’s your last day here.” He spoke in the rough voice he always had when he just woke up.

I nodded, stifling a giggle, as I got up to my room to start getting ready.

I didn’t know where 'somewhere' (as James so descriptively said) was, so I just slipped on a white shirt and shorts. After I stopped by the bathroom to wash up and cleanse all the morning grime and oil off my skin, I went back into my room.

Pulling up my hair into a high pony tail, I grabbed my favorite Raybans to shield my eyes from the early sun rays. My snapback was hanging from the hooks so I grabbed that as well. My brother was right behind me when I grabbed my skateboard out the door.

“So, James, where we going?” I asked.

“Our very first memory of the four of us.” He said, trying to challenge my memory. But he didn’t because I would never forget that day.

I grinned. Walmart. Not exactly your typical meeting place. 

Spotting Mike and Jake, I waved at them. Waving back, we rode our skateboards and bikes to the blue and yellow logo store. This store is a special memory to me. It was where James and I had met Mike and Jake.

James and I were quite normal, before we met Mike and Jake so when the two of us were in Walmart to run some errands for our mom at eleven years old, we crashed into Mike and Jake who were in the middle of trying to get kicked out of the store. Ever since then, Mike, Jake, James, and I always held a tradition every couple months or so to go trash the store. Ah, such lovely times. 

Each of us taking a cart, we rolled into the store. We all separated.

“First to get kicked out gets all the brownies my mom baked!” Mike screamed.

I was totally up for brownies before I head off to London.

I went through the aisles, going through zigzags until I saw someone.

Spotting an old man, I scurried off to him.

“Grandpa! You’re alive! I’ve been searching for you for years as I walked through this maze. I think it’s called a city. Jolly, it has a lot of buildings! I have to call Mama and Papa I found you!” I yelled in a southern accent, clearly showing that I didn’t belong in an urban town. I quickly hugged him and took out my phone.

“Now how do I work this thing?” I kept up with my act. When he opened his mouth to speak, I ran off.

Next phase, I spotted an employee. Target.

Getting closer and closer, the employee looked at me thinking I need help search for something. I tried to act like I needed help to, making it more obvious as I picked up a pillow off the shelf and toying around with it. Coming towards me, the employee was ten feet away from which got me running off screaming, “Get away from me! You monster, how dare you physically assault me?”

I chuckled until I was out of sight. I dropped onto the floor around a small crowd screaming, “I can’t find any tampons! I’m leaking like crazy!” Getting up, I brushed myself off and walked casually, not bothering to look at the people stare at me.

Last one, I thought.

Near the clothing section, I saw the fake mannequins and rushed up to male model.

“Why, Romeo, what have I done to make you leave me? Why? We had a thing together, a secret relationship that we kept from the outside world,” I threw in my best acting skills as I quickly formed tears onto my eyes.

I heard a small boy laughing at me and I winked at him, continuing my act, “ Romeo, I love you. Why did you leave me?” I didn’t stop until I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to leave.” I looked up to see the manager. He gasped, recognizing me as I raspberried onto his face and headed my way out. I hollered “I won!” loud enough for the boys to hear. I heard small “ Aw, man”s from the other side of the department store.

I waited outside until I saw three sweaty boys as well, walk towards me.

"So, Mike, let's go to your house to claim my prize so I can leave the town with a victorious triumph." I said.

Laughing, we all slung our arms around our necks as I thought how much I was gonna miss our friendship.




So, hello! I haven't updated in a while.


Hope you liked the chapter! I put some humourous content in it.

~Fawn, xx


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