Mismatched (Niall Horan)

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❝They say that opposites attract, but is it really true? Niall and I are two different people. Different in so many ways.

Different. Mismatched. Opposite.❞

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14. Tony Roma's and Tough Choices

“Now I know how other girls feel on their date when they’re blindfolded.” Niall commented. I guffawed lightly. He was, obviously, blindfolded in a small car with me. It was Friday morning and I was the second to last date he had this week. On Sunday, he had one, then every other weekday he had two and the last date will be tonight. The results and the winner of this entire competition is tomorrow. I should be freaking out, but I’m not. I wore the dress that caught breath on that Saturday. Niall didn’t not see the dress yet. A man named Jason was driving the car even after I insisted many times I would drive.
“We’re here, Miss.” The driver informed us.
“Thank you and we don’t need you to pick us up.” I tipped him even if he was getting paid. He still should get tip from me.
Cameramen followed us as we head to the ice-skate rink. I hope they just set up the cameras. I don’t want people to intrude our date by recording it. I had used my own two hundred dollars to rent out the whole rink, even if the gameshow producers provided me money. I picked this date because it reminded me of freedom, when I enter that rink. I can go anywhere I want, no one to boss me around. An ice-rink can even be a break for the weather in London. London is great outside, but I want my date to have both settings. I want to set up this date with my own effort. It was around 10 and we had until five which is great. We might have time to play some football after.
I turned and directed Niall’s path so he wouldn’t bump into anything.
“You can open your eyes now.” I say as I slip off his blindfold.
He opened his eyes. His smile unraveled as he took sight of his surroundings. I was happy that he was happy. His feelings were mine. When he smiled, I smiled. When he was fuming, I was ready to beat the crap out of the person who made him angry. When he was enthusiastic, I was bouncing with joy as well.
“Wow.” His eyes gleamed but when he turned around, he looked like he couldn’t breathe. He stayed frozen, only his eyes roaming around my dress and my face. Did he not like it? I hadn’t worn a dress in ten years; I wore it for this special occasion. It was my first date, after all.
“Niall, you okay?” I asked, worried. Scared. Scared that he wouldn’t like my changes. Scared that he doesn’t appreciate my effort to impress him.
“No-nothing. It’s just that, you’re so... beautiful. You look stunning in that dress.” He stuttered, and both of us were beet red.
“It’s really nothing. This is my first date,” Niall raised his eyebrows, “so why not change it up?”
Jackie did my hair into a braid. Even if she insisted, I refused any makeup on me. It made me feel like I’m going towards Felicity’s path. How I felt on my seventh birthday.
“Why?” He whispered, startling me, “Why did you change for me?”
Clearly, it was evident that he knew that I did this for him.
“I-I” I stuttered, the words choking on my thorat. I wanted to tell him that I liked him, although the rest of the world doesn’t agree besides my family and Jackie.
“You didn’t have to do that for me. Even though you look cute in that dress, I’ll still like you for who you are.” His piercing blue eyes boring into my soul as I stared at my shoes, which were quite interesting at this time.
“Okay. I’m sorry.” I felt the urge to hug him so I took that chance. Electric shocks grew up on my body yet, I felt so calm, like the oceans during a sunset.
We took the iceskates I ordered and we entered the rink.
“Whoo!” I squealed, giggling. I realized that I’m turning into a girl. At this point I didn’t care. Sometimes, being a girl is not all that bad. You have to have a balance in life. Being a full tomboy is not so perfect because I get shy to girls and I end up regretting it. I can’t talk to my guy friends about my feelings yet when I’m with Jackie, I can express my feelings for Niall like words falling out of a waterfall.
We skated without any care of the world. It was the two of us against the world. I didn’t even mind about the cameras hung up to record the date. Who cares if people will watch this? As long as we have fun, people will enjoy and wish they were with us at this moment, when they watch this date.
It was twelve when we panted, sitting on the bench. I took out my crappy phone that wasn’t even a smartphone. I don’t use my phone often. I’m not one of those people who stare at their phone every second. I was that girl who looked at the computer or television to play videogames, or kicked a football or dribbled a basketball. I didn’t have a facebook, or a tumblr. I only had a twitter but the last tweet I tweeted was last year during Christmas. My phone provided internet, however and I use it to search for information or the latest current news.
I searched the directions to the Tony Roma’s two blocks away from here. I had to introduce the restaurant before I don’t see him again. We walked out smiling. Even if I set up the date, I feel like I’m enjoying this date just as much as Niall seems like he is.
Niall held my hand and we walked through the park, cameras following. But I was blushing into a scarlett red so I was oblivious to the fact that people were clicking their cameras and taking videos. How did he make me feel like this? What does he have that other guys don’t?
He has that trustworthy and cute personality and he cares for others like me.
He was carefree, playful, and treated life like he was going to die tomorrow like me.
He was so different yet, so simliar to me.
“Emma, I was wondering, did you have any other relationships?” He asked out of the blue.
I was startled and I fiddled with the rubber band on my left hand, the hand he wasn’t holding. Why is he asking me this?

“I-I did not have a relationship before. This guy named Derek rejected me when I asked him to the Halloween dance. My first kiss didn’t even happen. Sometimes, I feel like I’m the only girl who is so left back, not doing anything but just hanging with my friends, trying to juggle time for MIT and playing my guitar.” I never thought about having it any time soon. But now that I’ve just said these words to him, I wanted it with Niall.
Jackie said she regretted her first kiss. A “jerkface” named Robert cheated on him with another girl named Agnes. She told me to choose the right guy. “You don’t want a cheater or a liar to steal your first kiss.”
She was very wise with relationships because she’s been through so many and most of them were horrible to her.
“There are many fishes in the sea, but only a handful will be good for you.” She had told me and I do agree. My father was one of those people. He loved my mother unconditionally and it killed my mother when she found out about the shooting. I can still see the sadness in her eyes when she looks at me, my facial features matching my father’s. Our relationship was never that close after my decision as a tomboy.
I want someone like my father to be my first and my last kiss. Niall makes me feel that way. That bouncy personality matched my father and his contagious laugh reminds me of my mother’s laugh.
We continued to walk until I saw the famous logo for my favourite restaurant.
“Tony Roma’s?” Niall asked, reading the sign.
“Yep. This here is my favourite restaurant of all time.” I dramatically announced. Niall looked impressed.
“Ribs.” I smiled.
“Mhm, can’t wait. Next time, you should go to Nando’s. There aren’t that many near your city.”
Next time? My cheeks brightened with a shade of red. He thought there was going to be a next time?
“Okay, but I bet you’ll like this place better.” I smirked.
“Nah, you’ll be begging on my knees once you taste the chicken in Nando’s.”
“Hm, I hear an argument brewing. Tony Roma’s rib meat just slip off the bones perfectly and the barbeque is so good with the flavors that hit your soft spots.” I smiled, trying to convince him.
“Are you– are you trying to talk food porn?” Niall sputtered out laughing. My smile slipped out of my face as I realized I had. Oh my god, did I just do what he said?
“Your face is priceless!” He bursted out laughing. I guffawed along with him, the contagioius laughs getting to me.
“Oh, shut up. Let’s go. I’m hungry.” I rubbed my tummy, which I admit was immature but funny.
We entered the restaurant and after my constant begging, Niall finally agreed to get the baby back ribs. We talked, exchanged information about ourselves like our favorite colors, our favorite holidays, our favorite music artists, our favorite songs, and our birthdays.
“September 13.” He said, my eyebrows deepened. That day was a couple of weeks before mine.
“September 4.” I replied, “Cool, similar birthdays and same favourite colors.”
Our food came and the ribs were gleaming, waiting for my mouth to eat them.
“Wow.” Niall breathed out, “I’m amazed.”
“Yeah, the food is amazing here. You gotta love ribs.”
“No,” I looked up in confusion, my eyebrows knitted together, “You.”
Niall continued, “You are like one of the only girls who like eating. Sure, some girls eat a lot but the only reason they eat a lot is to impress me. You, in another case, don’t. You don’t impress me by your love of food. I can easily tell your genuinty, you’re honest about everything. That’s what I admire about you.”
I blushed, too much to even call it blushing. It was like picking up a glob of red paint and smearing it on my face.
“Oh, stop it you!” I giggled, trying my best to act like a stereotypical teenage girl. Niall blinked with a blank face and then he started laughing after I banged my fists on the head filled with laughter.
Our laughters were what came out of our mouths for a few seconds. I dug into my ribs again and for the next ten minutes we just ate. I secretly wanted to talk to him instead of eating.
Woah. Did I just say that? Wow, who knew I would say that very statement in this summer. When we finished everything, I was too full to order a dessert and it seemed like Niall was too. The check came and I placed my credit card. Niall switched it with his.
I switched it with mine.
He switched it with his.
“I’ll pay. I get a lot of money from Google.” I say, switching it with mine again.
“Oh, please. I get mountains of money; I’m a singer; ” He says, touching my hand.
“And so modest.” I muttered which erupted Niall’s laughter. We fought for another five minutes and I even if I reason this is my date and I should pay, he refused. Man, he was so persistent like me.
“Quit being stubborn and I’ll pay.” I put my credit card in and shoved it to the waiter who was heading to our table. The waiter, Lance, was a little dazed because I ran towards him and told him to run back.
“Don’t let that Irish leprachan there catch up.” And he nodded and jogged back. I wasn’t gonna let that little bastard pay for me. I smirked once Niall stared daggers at me playfully. I laughed at his face; it was truly hilarious. He was a little dazed when I took a picture of him and I sent it to the guys back in Boston.
After I got my credit card back, (Niall pouted) we walked out of the restaurant and to the building. It was beautiful weather at 2:13. The sun was beaming unlike the rainy weather London has always had. We walked through a park which was a shortcut to the building. We smiled as we held hands. I hoped he didn’t see my blushing. No one I knew really made me blush. Niall was the one. But could I trust him? I don’t know yet. I don’t think we’re too close for me to say yes. My life and the secret that I’ve been holding onto was far more important than Niall, even if I loved him with all of my heart.
This gameshow is becoming a distraction. I need to get my prioprites straight.
Let me just finish this gameshow and go home. I’ll act like nothing happened and live life as it was.
Yes, that is what I will do. But for now, I’ll enjoy the moment here. My thoughts were so fickle. One point I want to be with him, but the next time, I’m not. So I organized my thoughts until I had my final idea and point down.
I will try to ignore my thoughts for Niall Horan and give what Felicity wants.
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