Mismatched (Niall Horan)

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❝They say that opposites attract, but is it really true? Niall and I are two different people. Different in so many ways.

Different. Mismatched. Opposite.❞

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6. Studios and Showers

Niall’s POV
Emma Burton, I couldn’t get her off my head. She was beautiful, but what really captivated me was her indifference. She’s so... different. I mean what kind of girl would you find sassing One Direction the first time she met them?
“Hey, you okay there?” Liam asked worried.
“Yeah, just thinking.” I signed a fan’s arm.
After the huge crowd of girls, I finally was able to eat. I saw Emma laughing with an elderly lady.
She looked genuinely happy, happy to be here. I smiled at that. It was nice to know that these girls will have a memory of this whether they win or not. Sitting down in my table with the rest of the band, I started gobbling up my food. Louis spoke up.
“So, mate. Any feelings for your new roommate?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows. I laughed at the sight of that.
“Nothing, that I know of.” I lied quickly. I saw Harry looking at me closely as if he didn’t believe what I’ve said. Harry can read people very well; he can tell just by looking at your face. By now, I was nervous as I started fiddling with my fingers. Harry continued to look at me quizzically but he brushed it off moments later.
I let go a sigh of relief. I looked back to see Emma gone. I wonder where she went. Quickly finishing my food, I slipped out of the cafeteria before any of the girls realized I was gone. Walking down the hallway, I saw Jackie talking to the brunette I was looking for. Sooner or later, I was eavesdropping.
“Do you know where the studio is?”
“Yeah, it’s downstairs; third door to your right.”
“Thanks Jackie.” And I heard footsteps becoming more and more distant.
“Uh, Niall, what are you doing here?” I turned around to see Jackie and Harry behind me.
“Uhm... nothing. Nothing at all. I’m fine.”
“Niall, you don’t need to tell me. I can sense that you’re interested in Emma.” Jackie said and Harry slightly nodded.
“I –” I got cut.
“Don’t even bother lying. It’s all in the eyes, mate.” Harry said. I sighed.
“Well guess you caught me.” I said as I raised my hands up.
“Now go get her, you leprechaun!” Harry pushed me towards the studio.
Rushing to the studio, I saw her. She was playing with drums, giving a beat. I’d say she made it look easy because she closed her eyes and swayed with the beat. It reminded me of The Script. I entered the room and Emma immediately opened her eyes but she kept the beat going. That’s when I started singing.
She’s all laid up in bed with a broken heart
Emma joined, changing the words a bit to make this song sound like a duo song.
While he’s drinking Jack all alone in the local bar.
And in harmony we sang together.
And we don’t know how, how we got into this mad situation, only doing this out of frustration
Trying to make it work and these times are hard
And we’re gonna stop by drinking old cheap bottles of wine, sit talking up all night, saying things we haven’t for a while, a while yeah. We’re smiling but we’re close to tears, even after all these years, we just now got the feeling that we’re meeting for the first time.
I looked at her with great wonder.
“So,” she interrupted the silence, “do you like The Script?”
“Uh, um. Yeah, I know Danny.”
“What?” She sputtered, "You know him?”
“Sure, well, I know him because The Script is one of my favorite bands.”
“Wow,” she squealed, maybe the first time I've heard her make a sound like that, “I like The Script. They're not my favorite band but they make cool music.” she said.
“Well, since you’re my roommate, we should get to know each other better.” I made an effort trying to get her to like me.
“Sorry, I wanna stay here for a bit longer. Is that okay with you? I just want to be around music for a couple of minutes.” she said, glancing at the instruments.
“Yeah, sure. I’ll just play the guitar.” I picked up the acoustic guitar next to me. Strumming a few chords, I started singing I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. I heard Emma singing along, pressing chords onto the electric piano. Unlike the raspy tone she had while she sang For the First Time, she switched her tone to a more bubbly, cute voice to fit this melody, which I found very amazing.
I won’t hesitate, no more, no more. It cannot wait, I’m yours.
I only wished that line was true. I wanted to be hers, she was beautiful in every way I could possibly imagine.
Suddenly the music changed into Stereo Hearts, Gym Class Heroes. I noticed her mouthing, You sing. So I did.
My hearts a Stereo, beats for you so listen close, hear my thoughts in every note, oh oh~
Make me your radio, turn me up when you feel low, this melody was meant for you to sing along to my stereo.
I expected her to end the song since I didn’t know how to rap well, but she kept going, grabbing a mike.
Gym Class Heroes baby!
If I was just another dusty record on the shelf,
would you blow me off and play me like everybody else,
if I asked you to scratch my back, could you manage that
Like yeah, Check up, Check it Travie I can handle that
Furthermore, I apologize for any skipping tracks,
it’s just the last girl that played me left a couple cracks
I used to used to used to used to now I’m over that,
‘Cause holding grudges over love is ancient artifacts
If I could only find a note to make you understand
I'd sing it softly in your ear and grab you by the hand
Just keep it stuck inside your head, like your favorite tune
And know my heart's a stereo that only plays for you

I stood astonished. She raps too?
“Yeah, I’m done. Let’s go.” She said as she put her mike down.
“You rap?” I sputtered out.
“Yeah, if you didn’t notice, I’m a tomboy and I like rapping.” she shrugged.
“Wow, just asking. Never seen a girl rap besides Nicki Minaj.” I chuckled.
“Yeah, a lot of people respond like that.” She took her bag as she left. I just stood there staring at her.
“You coming?” she asks, with a smirk playing on her lips.
“Huh? Oh, yeah.” I stuttered. Maybe I should just quit this whole idea and leave with her. She’s perfect, I can feel it. I followed behind her as I caught up to her side.
“So, do you want to get to know each other better? I mean, we’re roommates right?” She asked me.
“Oh, okay. You go first.” I offered.
“Okay then, well what instruments do you play?” she inquired curiously.
“Guitar. That’s it.” I replied with no hesitation. We stepped into the elevator as we both pressed the 16 button. I felt electric shocks up my back. Light elevator music played. I heard her groan.
“I hate elevator music. I feel like an oldie.” she complained as my laughter filled the small elevator.
“Anyways,” I mentioned after the giggles died down, “who is your favorite artist?” I leaned my leg onto the wall.
“Simple, Orianthi.” Surprisingly, she didn’t mention any teen pop stars.
“Who is she?” I asked. She looked shocked.
“She's the world's best guitar player! Have you seen her songs? I guess I was right, I knew you guys listen only to your own music and other snobby teenage singers.” she crinkled her nose, smirking at me. Obviously, she was teasing me. I gasped, my hand flying to my chest to show fake pain.
“Hey! Just because we’re celebrities, doesn’t make us any different from you guys!” I argued.
“Okay, just stating my opinion. You should listen to one of her songs, you're a guitarist right? I saw a guitar pick on the table and I knew it wasn't mine.”
“I'll go check her out, just for you.” I shrugged.
She blushed slightly, a faint pink rising in her cheeks. She coughed and her skin paled away back to the normal tone.
We both walked out and with my key card, I dipped my card into the door and unlocked the room.
In a blink of an eye, she ran in, jumped on the bed and unpaused her COD game. I chuckled helplessly at her. Needing a shower, I took my pajamas and a towel to the bathroom. With the water hitting on my back, I heard talking outside the bathroom. Who could that be?
Hope you like this. It's a chapter of a variety of my favorite songs :)
I've been really busy because of my essays (5 essays due in one week! Eeeek!). So forgive me for late updates. I'm currently trying to update once a week.
Song challenge:
"But in this jungle you can't run"
Dedication to @juneprincess626 because she guessed this song correctly.
Enjoy the chapter!
~Fawn, xx

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